We thank all of you that have made it this far and for those of you that still aren’t clear of what we’re about, the following is a breakdown of what we are trying to achieve and the origins of those ambitions.

We’re right at the starting point, and TOMRW is a product of work from Trendensity; a data company based in the United Kingdom.

We call what we do, ‘Human Market Data’, because we believe in the power of combing and combining social and news media data and making it both understandable and actionable. Our ambition for this combination is to produce a series of tools to read that data in a fast and simple way.

This site particularly focuses on the topic of social media data, and especially where it becomes social media data in finance.

We’ve built an impressive infrastructure to capture the (for-want-of-a-better-term) big data and make it small, usable and specific. Our doors are open for advice, discussion and expertise and TOMRW is our first release within this infrastructure, which will provide our customers with an ongoing real-time index score of social and news data.

This score can be integrated into systems (for example, trading or banking). Even into blogs or social pages via our widget and we can cover every conceivable social data requirement.

For those interested in utilising social data within an application, banking or otherwise, get in touch. Please also feel free to participate or generate discussions around social data and social data in finance.

Human Market Data® from Trendensity.

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