Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Multicultural Millennials Take Brand Loyalty Seriously And 83% want companies to take a stand on issues
Multicultural millennials make up nearly half of the demographic. And new research from Buzz Marketing Group sheds light on media, tech and shopping trends coming from this segment.

Women in charge
America could make history by electing its first female president—but many other countries around the world have already reached the same ..

The Private Sector Is Reshaping Space Exploration
The infographic below has the details on who these groups are and what they are up to. (Private Sector Space Exploration). © 2016 Forbes …


Monthly Active Users (MAUs): How Do Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Stack Up?
Examining one of the most important user metrics for social-media stocks isn’t nearly as clear cut as it might seem.

Markets will snap up Snapchat because it’s different to Facebook and Twitter and markets will like it if it IPOs: Investor
Snapchat’s focus on making money from an early stage will make it attractive for investors if the social media app goes public, one of its first …

Google Capital has invested in Snapchat parent, rebrands as CapitalG
Google Capital, a unit of Alphabet which is Google’s parent holding company that invests in late-stage startups, has made an investment in Snap Inc., the parent company of social media platform Snapchat.


Why Cultural Change Is Necessary For Big Data Adoption
Love it or hate it, big data is here to stay. As data volumes and sources of data proliferate at ever increasing rates, leading companies will be …

Trump’s Big Data Mind Explains How He Knew Trump Could Win
The polls, the pundits, and the data suggested otherwise, but … “The Clinton campaign was built like a traditional big campaign, where there …

What the Latest Nate Silver Controversy Teaches Us About Big Data
In industry, big data has been a buzzword for years now, with existing and potential applications including fraud detection, securities trading …

The Risk to Civil Liberties of Fighting Crime With Big Data
Sharing data, both among the parts of a big police department and between the police and the private sector, “is a force multiplier,” he said.

The Facebook/Admiral Scandal Shows The Limits And Dangers Of Big Data Capitalism
In the world of big data capitalism, the situation is changing: Human decision-making is increasingly being automated. Algorithms take over and …

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