Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Venture capital explained
This infographic from All Finance Tax outlines how the venture capital process works, the qualities that a VC-seeking entrepreneur should …

56.9% of Twitter Accounts Might Not Be Real
Are you someone who uses hashtags in every tweet? Or are you someone who can’t be bothered? If you’re someone who can’t be bothered, …

How ‘Microbloggers’ Leverage Their Influence Through Social Media Savvy For niche experts, channel choice is key
Brands have been turning to micro-influencers, bloggers with less than 100,000 followers, to better target consumers.

Facebook’s Privacy Settings
Vound Software and Intella prepared the infographic below to help clear up some of the mysteries and put all of the relevant information in one …

The Industries Where Drones Could Really Take Off
In recent years, drone technology has attracted attention due to its use in countless conflicts around the world. Even though unmanned aerial …


Today’s Tech-Savvy Kids Are Tomorrow’s Investors
From an investing standpoint, these generations represent the various … Social media platforms like Facebook will likely suffer from a lack of …

Looking for an Edge on China Stocks? Try Weibo
There are about 80 billion social-media posts a year on China’s internet. … The efforts to scan Chinese investor sentiment comes amid a …

Why Facebook Launched a New App Only for Teens
Change is the only constant in social media, so Facebook needs to be … that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.

Gary Vaynerchuk picks social media’s next big things
An early investor in Facebook and Twitter, social media maven Gary Vaynerchuk, says marketers have one year before they are “late to the …

Can Crowd Investing Change the Game for Female Founders?
“It democratizes investing,” says Edgecliffe-Johnson. “Everyone … “Crowdfunding piggy backs on social media and we are seeing quite a bit of …


Big data hits $46 billion in revenue — and counting
Big data has been a big buzzword for more than a few years already, and it has solid numbers to back that up, including $46 billion in 2016 …

How Analytics, Big Data and AI Are Changing Call Centers Forever
If you’ve ever had to call a customer help line or other call center, you probably experience a shiver of dread at the mere thought.

How a big data hack brought a 300X performance bump and killed a major bottleneck
If we’re going to talk about truly BIG data, we need to look to China. With 1.3 billion people, a quickly expanding urban economy, and rising …

Granify: Using Big Data To Lure Shoppers
Granify is a Canadian company that analyzes data to understand the behavior of online shoppers and help retailers turn them into buyers.

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