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How regtech savvy are you?
Banking Technology and BearingPoint conducted a survey to find out the industry view on regtech and its implications for all parties involved. Is adopting regtech solutions just a nice-to-have, or is it a must for any business to ensure compliance and good practice?

A Look At US Healthcare By The Numbers
The U.S. healthcare industry is in the crosscurrents of change, with many open questions about the future of the Affordable Care Act, drug pricing and other regulations.

The Unusual Team-Building Methods of Famous Bosses
From flash mobbing to dinner clubs, here are a number of different way to boost your company’s culture.

Most Millennial Women Value Entrepreneurship, but They Also Prioritize Family
Whether job hunting on social media, balancing career and home life or working on their side hustles, millennial women are bringing a new and unique ethos to the workplace.

Almost half of companies say cybersecurity readiness has improved in the past year
Respondents to a recent survey by Tech Pro Research were optimistic about cybersecurity within their organizations. This infographic and research report contain more details.


3 Stocks With Facebook-Like Return Potential
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is more than just a sprawling social network with billions of daily users. In recent years, the company has figured out how to monetize that online presence.

Machine learning is transforming investment strategies for asset managers
Due to exponential increases in computer power and data storage over the past couple of decades, we have witnessed the rise of artificial intelligence systems that meet and exceed human abilities.

Facebook Gets Pressure From Institutional Shareholders to Fix Fake News
Media companies and politicians aren’t the only ones who think Facebook needs to stop fake news from proliferating on the social network. Two institutional investors are also pressuring the company to do something to fix the problem.


So despite all the cash ploughed into big data, no one knows how to make it profitable
Mountains of cash keep pouring into the titans of big data despite the world’s inability to do much of value with their software.To wit, in its last fiscal year, Cloudera pulled in over $260m, with analysts projecting over $330m for 2017. Hortonworks, for its part, yanked down $184m, up from $121m in 2015.

Marketing magic meets big data: How to make technology and creativity work together
Combing big data, new technology, and traditional creative skills is vital to the successful CMO. Here’s how to harness them together.

There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in HR
“Big data” has become such a ubiquitous phrase that every function of business now feels compelled to outline how they are going to use it to improve their operations. That’s also true for Human Resources (HR) departments, which is where most of a company’s money is spent, and where — we’d like to believe — the real value lies.

Amazon Using AI, Big Data To Accelerate Profits
Amazon wants you to take wardrobe advice from a connected gadget. It brought personal digital assistants into our kitchens with Echo, a connected speaker. Now it can see, so Amazon wants to come into our bedrooms to help us choose more flattering outfits.

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