Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Canada Seen As The Most Positive Influence Globally
According to a survey from Ipsos MORI, the U.S. is being increasingly overlooked as having a positive influence on world affairs.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail
Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. In fact, the amount of new businesses that fail exceed the number that succeed. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create a unique product or service that helps you stand out from the rest.


5 Ways Digital Marketing Powers Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Succeed
Under the JOBS Act, small companies now have two methods of equity crowdfunding to raise millions of dollars in capital online from the general public. Unfortunately, most people think that all a company needs to do is post a cool video, some fancy graphics and some engaging text, and the investment money will start pouring in. Wrong.

A secret to Netflix’s success?
There’s a secret to Netflix’s success: social media.

Can Twitter Stock Keep Going After Last Week’s 11% Pop?
The social media giant is on the move again, scoring another streaming deal and a bullish analyst note over the past week. It also introduced the new #SeeEverySide ad campaign


Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil review – trouble with algorithms
This powerful study, subtitled How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy, exposes the bias in predictive modelling.

Big Data in the Cloud: Reaching a Tipping Point
Even though you could find plenty of cloud providers that offered data storage and analytics services to enterprise customers, early big data projects frequently took place in-house. This fact led to many failed big data projects that, in many ways, tarnished the image of what big data analytics can do.

Big Data: Forget Volume and Variety, Focus On Velocity
When you think of Big Data, you may imagine the billions of rows and petabytes of data many companies are struggling to manage and process on a regular basis. You may also think about the challenges of handling diverse unstructured data such as audio, video, image and text-based files coming from an ever-increasing number of sources.

How to keep your big data lakes clear and navigable
Without good cleaning and archiving practices, data lakes can become dense, murky places. Here are some tips on preventing that.

Alibaba is now a big data play, says JPMorgan analyst predicting more than 30% surge
Alibaba shares, already among the market’s best performers, will surge as new marketing data services boost the e-commerce giant’s financial results, according to JPMorgan.

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