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You’ll Never Guess Which City Has The Most Airbnb Properties
No, it’s not New York, nor London, nor Tokyo. So which city offers the most Airbnb properties of anywhere in the world? The answer will surprise you.

The history of the flying car in one infographic
With Airbus set to test its autonomous flying taxis by the end of this year, self-driving cars already hitting the road in major cities around the world, and three flying car models lined up to ship by 2020, could we finally be on the cusp of takeoff?

Africa’s Exploding Tech Startup Ecosystem
Today’s infographic from GSMA shows the 300+ hubs that have emerged in the African tech startup ecosystem. Many of these plan to take …

18 Ways to Improve Your Resume
Writing the perfect resume isn’t easy — here are a few things to make yours stand out. 18 Ways to Improve Your Resume.


Hacienda Hedges and Unicorn Votes
If you are an investor, and you don’t want companies to issue nonvoting … And if your social media company is a success, it can go global …

Yik Yak’s Biggest Investor Is Trying to Sell the Company
Sequoia Capital, the company’s biggest investor, has in recent … Social media is a hits-driven business, but even harder than making a hit is …

With “Stories” Expansion, Facebook Inc Shows Why It Dominates Social Media
Social media companies borrow from each other all the time, but the scale Facebook enjoys may give it the long-term advantage.

Why brands are embracing the influencer-investor
Social media has enabled the rise of the influencer—online stars with sway over the opinions of thousands or millions of fans.


Smart manufacturing must embrace big data
But big data is a long way from transforming manufacturing. Leading industries — computing, energy and aircraft and semiconductor …

Teradata: The 7 Pillars Of Big Data Culture
The world of big data analytics and data science can be fascinating but over-hyped in equal measure. But what if we could summarize the …

Demos: Whitehall needs to understand the limitations of big data tools
The report, published today looks at ways to improve public services with big data, and focuses on data dashboards, which make large …

Commonwealth Bank targets SMEs with new big data analytics platform
“SMEs are constantly being told about the benefits of big data, but the reality is that many don’t know where to start or have the time and …

Real Customer Insights from Big Data–Yes, that’s possible!
How to get actionable, C-suite-relevant customer insights from big data. During the research for “The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader,” we …

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