Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Social, Mobile Driving Millennial News Consumption
Social media and mobile applications have become a primary channel for news and other information for many millennials. An infographic from …

Starbucks Holds More Cash Than Many Banks
Before long, splashing the cash at your local Starbucks might become a thing of the past. 41 percent of the coffee chain’s customers in the U.S. …

Are Infographics Still Relevant In Your Content Marketing Strategy?
But what about infographics? Most people and companies adopt infographics into their marketing strategy as a way to convey complex information.


Will the Tables Ever Turn on Facebook?
Some investors believe that Facebook may see a drop in ad spending … investors fear Facebook’s ability to keep its monopoly on social media.

How Social Media Is Killing Chipotle’s Recovery
E. coli and social media decimate Chipotle’s sales … but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.

Rhonda Abrams: How to out-Amazon Amazon
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, just became the third richest person in the world, nudging out investor Warren Buffet.

Twitter’s comms chief flies the coop after just five months
Natalie Kerris, Twitter’s vice president for global communications, is leaving the company after a little more than five months on the job.


From Being Employees at Facebook to Understanding Big Data Analytics
Big data has found its place in a multiple number of industries today. From e-commerce, marketing tools, fashion and hiring portals and IoT …

Office 365 Taps Machine Learning, Tableau 10 Debuts: Big Data Roundup
Microsoft machine learning provides grammar coaching, Tableau 10 gives control back to IT, Teradata acquires Big Data Partnership, GE offers Predix …

How Microsoft Is Making Big Impact With Machine Learning
The company is making Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Analytics accessible to the government agencies. Andhra Pradesh, one of the states …

Seattle is America’s most hipster city, according to big data
You might think “hip” is a purely subjective notion, more of a feeling or a vibe than a quantifiable fact. But brother, you’d be dead wrong. A new study …

Shipwallet: How big data and predictive analytics could help slay Amazon
This is the question that stumps Internet retailers: is there any way to cut the Amazon juggernaut down to size or, at the very least, level the playing …

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