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How Much Privacy People Will Give Up for Personalized Experiences
Consumers around the world get frustrated when brands fail to deliver relevant, tailored experiences, something they are increasingly demanding. They’re also concerned about giving companies too much personal information, which paradoxically is what brands need in order to deliver such experiences in the first place.

The Top 4 High-Growth Industries for Entrepreneurs in 2018
Data analyzed by online graphic design marketplace 99designs uncovered the top four hottest emerging industries to watch in 2018 and unsurprisingly, cryptocurrency ranked in first.

Common Cryptocurrency Myths Debunked
At the end of the day when you strip cryptocurrency down to its basic parts it isn’t all that difficult to understand after all. Here are some of the most common cryptocurrency myths debunked.


Why not regulate social media like tobacco or alcohol?
We were warned. The venture capitalist and Netscape founder Marc Andreessen wrote a widely read essay in 2011 titled “Why Software Is Eating the World”. But we didn’t take Andreessen seriously; we thought it was only a metaphor. Now we face the challenge of extracting the world from the jaws of internet platform monopolies.

Wall Street is expecting Facebook to post another blow-out quarter — but analysts are worried about fake news and other problems
Concerns raised over fake news and social media addiction have yet seemed to affect the company’s results or stock, both of which keep soaring. But investors and analysts are increasingly worried that those issues could turn off users and, in turn, advertisers.

Insta-SCAM! How the social media generation is being lured to ‘get rich quick’ investments that aren’t quite what they seem
A too-trusting Instagram generation is falling victim to ‘get rich quick’ scams – costing victims a staggering £87,400 a day. Research by regulator the Financial Conduct Authority has found that under-25s are increasingly being duped online by fraudsters promising juicy payouts from so-called ‘binary options trading’ – a form of betting on financial markets.


Can big data revolutionise policymaking by governments?
But the experience sowed the seeds for what has become one of the more intriguing experiments in the normally staid world of economic statistics: an attempt to harness the explosion of “big data” to enhance, complement and perhaps ultimately replace the traditional forms of data.

Big Data Combined With Machine Learning Helps Businesses Make Much Smarter Decisions
Today, the importance of machine learning and big data to businesses cannot be overemphasized; both are revolutionizing business operations and consistently providing lots of new opportunities.

Big Data and Search: The Time for Artificial Intelligence Is Now
Big data applications today must be built to provide real-time results for businesses to compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

From GDPR to blockchain, we’re getting more power over our data
There were significant privacy violations in 2017: DeepMind’s controversial data-sharing deal with the NHS; Facebook’s €110 million (£98m) fine; Google’s €2.4 billion fine; scammers selling personal data. We woke up to the idea that a few big companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and WeChat, had used our data to become near-monopolistic entities.