Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


The Countries Most Reliant On Tax Revenue
Across the OECD, tax revenues as a percentage of GDP are continuing to increase and in 2016, they averaged 34.3 percent, the highest figure since records began back in 1965.

How Millennial and Gen Z Women Shop When They Want to Splurge
Young women and teenage girls today are anything but impulsive buyers. They do their homework and selectively splurge on certain products with factors like longevity and quality in mind.

Take a look at these exceptional data visualisations from 2017
These 13 award-winning beautiful and in-depth infographics, data visualisations and information designs explore the effects of Trump, climate change, the rhythm of food & more.

Top Nine Social Media Trend Predictions for 2018
Don’t blink—you might miss the next social media trend. So what’s more than a passing fad? What’s here to stay, and what should you pay attention to?


Uber’s next investor could be the Chinese company that has backed its rivals
A Chinese social media giant might just join a massive Uber share purchase effort led by Japan’s SoftBank, which, along with other investors, is seeking to acquire up to 14% of the US ride-hailing company.

This Chinese Tech Giant Topped Facebook
Therefore, Tencent shouldn’t be directly compared to Facebook, although the two companies are both social media giants. Instead, Tencent can better be described as a combination of Facebook, Activision Blizzard, PayPal, Netflix and Spotify all working cohesively within a single company.

Evan Spiegel defends algorithms, criticizes Facebook in a new op-ed ahead of Snapchat’s redesign
Algorithms and social media are bad, unless they’re good, according to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.

For traders on social media, bitcoin is a bubble unfolding in real time right before their eye
As Wall Street traders refocused on markets after the Thanksgiving holiday, their Twitter feeds lit up with talk about bitcoin’s rapid march toward $10,000.


60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018
Sophisticated adversaries will leverage the granular metadata stolen from breaches like Equifax, OPM, and Anthem, in precision targeted attacks that rely on demographic and psychographic Big Data algorithms powered by machine-learning and artificial intelligence.

At what point do we give up on books? Big data has the answer
Philip Jones, editor of The Bookseller, says that the figures roughly mirror those occasionally released about ebooks, from which retailers can also glean reading data not dreamed of in the analogue age. But, he adds, publishers are not doing anything meaningful with it – yet.

How big data technology is transforming fraud investigations
With more than 1,4 terabytes of data, the Paradise Papers is the illustration of the new possibilities for the fraud investigation world. Conducting investigations is a challenge in the age of big data.