Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Twitter’s Verified Accounts Application Process
Verified accounts debuted on the social network in 2009, and Twitter’s July announcement paved the way for potential verified accounts in …

The Cities Worldwide With The Highest Costs For Startups
For startups intent on establishing themselves in the creative districts of the world’s major cities, office space can prove detrimentally expensive.

Funding Circle Hits £1.5 Billion Mark Lent to British Businesses
Funding Circle investors numbering over 50,000 have helped more than 16,000 businesses across the country. Independent research …

Here’s How Much Engagement Brands Got From Back-to-School Social Posts Dolce & Gabbana and Disney wooed the most fans
Disney received over 175,000 engagements with just six back to school-related posts. Disney Instagram (@disney). Now that the …


How would Salesforce, Google and Disney benefit from buying Twitter?
ach rumored sale would have advantages except ABC News-owner Disney, which poses the risk of causing competitors to refrain from using the platform.

Almost half of British consumers choose to ignore brands on social media
Almost half of Brits (40%) ‘actively ignore’ social posts or ads from brands, according to a new study by Kantar TNS, which polled 70,000 global consumers, of which 3,200 were British.

Neglecting social media almost killed our startup
Not surprisingly, I didn’t consider investing much in social media in the early stages of my company. Our focus was on making the product better …

Facebook Stock in 5 Charts
Fortunately for investors in the company, Facebook is doing quite well in this … Most of the growth opportunities in the social-media industry are …

Your vanity is the reason this millionaire is investing in action sports
Products that employ new technologies and earn the interest of millennials across social media are ones that investors like Cooper are primed …


3 Industries That Will Be Transformed By AI, Machine Learning And Big Data In The Next Decade
That’s what’s happening with artificial intelligence and big data; as the barriers to implementation disappear (cost, computing power, etc.), more …

eBay may soon know what you want to buy before you do
Looking forward, Murray Lambell, director of UK Trading at eBay, predicts big data, AR and virtual reality will change how we shop both on and …

How your big data career is killing other jobs
In the early, hype-prone days of big data, breathless reports abounded of machines replacing humans as data analytics uncovered “actionable …

The IoT and Big Data: Making The Connection
Two terms that have been discussed in relation to this future: big data and The Internet of Things (IoT); It’s hard to talk about one without the …

Boohoo aims for personalised homepages as big data drive continues
“We feed all the data we have into our trading plans and marketing and it helps … “For instance, our shopaholics are a big part of our income.

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