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It’s Not Just Millennials Who Are Glued to Their Phones
Almost half of seniors have a smartphone, and 38 percent have a mobile phone that’s not a smartphone. As marketers and advertisers navigate an ever-changing mobile landscape, a pitfall is emerging: the temptation to only target younger generations with mobile ads.

Where Expats Earn The Highest Salary
Anyone hoping to make a successful career for themselves overseas should seriously consider job opportunities in Mumbai. According to an analysis of a HSBC report by Bloomberg, India’s financial, commercial and entertainment powerhouse has the highest average annual salaries for expatriates of any city worldwide.

The Hottest Trends Among Today’s Top Startups
When it comes to business, the tides are always changing. And to be successful as an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep up to date with what’s trending in the startup world.


Why this social media app is beating Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in the iOS app store
Why this social media app is beating Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in the iOS app store. A little-known app called Vero rocketed to the top of the iOS app store in the past week. Vero, which is Latin for the word “Truth” was created by the Lebanese billionaire, Ayman Hariri.

Snapchat Downloads Are Growing, User Backlash Notwithstanding
There’s been much consternation regarding Snapchat’s major redesign. In recent months, early user reviews were overwhelming negative: A social media hoax promising to bring back the old interface went viral, a change.org petition asking for the old version back now has over 1.2 million signatures, celebrity Kylie Jenner has seemingly abandoned the service, and numerous Street analysts have downgraded Snap shares in part due to the associated risks to the business.

How Investors Will Benefit As Facebook And Twitter Replace Traditional News
Social media is already a source of news for about two-thirds of U.S. adults according to the Pew Research Center. But, the traditional media’s focus on Facebook’s problems with fake news and President Trump’s tweets have kept investors from seeing that Facebook and Twitter have already replaced broadcast TV, cable TV, and newspapers for lots of Americans.


Big Data And AI: 30 Amazing (And Free) Public Data Sources For 2018
Fortunately for businesses and organizations which don’t have the resources to methodically collect every piece of useful information, they will need themselves, a huge (and growing) amount is available freely online. Two years ago I wrote an article listing 33 sources of Big Data available for free online.

How companies can monetize big data with IoT data control
IoT data control is a key way that companies can maximize the value of their Internet of Things deployments. It allows companies to mine the data that IoT devices generate and monetize the information.

5 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce in 2018
Big data is the combined collection of traditional and digital data from inside and outside your company. Its purpose is to be a source of analysis and continued discovery. Almost everything we do, both online and offline, is a source for data. As technology increases, the ways to measure and collect data also increase. One of the ways we understand our world is to study trends in behavior.