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How Can Civil Engineers Improve the Planet?
In this Infographic from Norwich University, we explore the current issues facing the developed world and how future civil engineers will provide …

Getting Loyalty Right In Rewards Programs
Many consumers cherish rewards programs. Yet most of these programs do not generate enduring loyalty. Successful rewards programs …

What Consumers Really Think About VR
Virtual reality has been all the rage among the tech cognoscenti over the past few years, but the real test of VR’s value is whether consumers will catch on.

Infographics that clearly illustrate our ecological footprints
The Atlas for the End of the World created infographics to try to make our impact on the world more concrete, on an individual and global level.


Twitter’s Business Shrinks, but Investors See a Glimmer of Hope
More than a year into Twitter’s efforts to turn around the company under the leadership of Jack Dorsey, its business is shrinking. And yet, investors seem to have finally been given a glimmer of hope for the future.

Asia investors boost use of unorthodox data sources in battle to beat benchmarks
Sometime in the third quarter of 2016, Blackrock’s scientific active equity team, which manages $80 billion (£62 billion) globally, began picking up increased signs of construction activity on the ground in China by using satellite imagery.

Debenhams fashions ‘social shopping’ future
That is the question Sergio Bucher has been asking since becoming chief executive of the UK’s second biggest department store chain seven months ago.

Should I Buy Microsoft Stock?
It has dramatically changed its direction, while also altering how consumers see its brand. Once, not even all that long ago, asking “Should I buy Microsoft stock?” would have been met with a resounding no since the company seemed stuck in a business model that had become outdated.


Why cities are tapping into big data
Cities have just scratched the surface in using data to improve operations, but big changes are already under way in leading smart cities, says …

How To Build A Big Data Engineering Team
Companies are digitizing and pushing all their operational functions and workflows into IT systems that benefit from so-called ‘big data’ …

Planet analytics: big data, sustainability, and environmental impact
Data-driven analytics applications are eating the world and transforming every domain. But the world is also being eaten up in a different way …

The Big Data Pathologist
Moreover, having risen from the ranks at the financial services multinational company, American Express, as director for its big data labs, …

Big data, robotics and AI fuelling VC investment in London
Cutting-edge, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and big data are among the fastest growing areas for …

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