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8 Steps to Spice Up Your Brand’s Voice
As a brand, it’s important to have a distinct and unique brand voice so people recognize it. However, creating that brand is often easier said than done.

The Data Is In: Infographics Are Growing And Thriving In 2017 (And Beyond)
And infographics, the visual representation of data, are increasingly popular as one of the mediums that tells a data story the best.

The Future Prediction by Elon Musk
How Many of these predictions will become reality in future? Perhaps his ideas are less science fiction and more grounded in reality than we may think.

The Power of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain
As a foundational technology that things can be “built on top” of, the potential applications of the blockchain go way beyond just payments or cryptocurrencies. In fact, the blockchain could revolutionize how we interact with intellectual property, capital markets, insurance, healthcare, government, and many other sectors.


Chinese social media giant Weibo is raising $700M to fund acquisitions
Weibo, the Twitter-like Chinese social network that is profitable unlike Twitter, is raising $700 million as it looks for acquisitions to continue the rocket ship growth its business has seen in 2017.

China’s Best Social Media And Internet Stocks
Chinese technology is a high-risk momentum sector within a high risk, rapidly growing but volatile market. For those comfortable with these risks, several MoneyShow.com contributors see strong long-term potential in China’s large and growing social media, mobile, e-commerce and online markets.

Top startup investors see mounting ‘backlash’ against tech
Two of the technology industry’s top startup investors took to the stage at a conference on Wednesday to decry the power that companies such as Facebook Inc (FB.O) had amassed and call for a redistribution of wealth.


The rise of big data policing
A towering wall of computer screens blinks alive with crisis. A digital map of Los Angeles alerts to 911 calls. Television screens track breaking news stories.

Big Data: Insights Or Illusions?
What is Big Data? When infused with human understanding it can lead to powerful new insights. On the other hand it can be a “truth machine that you can’t challenge because it’s big data,” cementing and intensifying the toxic assumptions in a company. I talk to Christian Madsbjerg of ReD Associates, who gives examples of data’s use and abuse.

Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens
The Chinese government plans to launch its Social Credit System in 2020. The aim? To judge the trustworthiness – or otherwise – of its 1.3 billion residents.

Why the Big Data Swamp Needs to Be Purified to Usher in a Revolution in Lending
Yet, too much data can cause problems of its own, making it increasingly difficult for businesses big and small to understand how to extract insightful and important information from the large stockpiles of data they’ve obtained.

AI company CEO: Big data is not a visualization problem, it’s a human scale problem
It’s no secret that big data is becoming central to almost every industry, but Ajeet Singh, the founder and CEO of private business-intelligence player ThoughtSpot, still sees some obstacles.

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