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Here’s Samsung’s infographic that explains why the Note 7 phones exploded
Samsung announced the results of its investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 malfunction. The South Korean electronics giant said that bad battery design and a rush to release an updated version of the phone caused some of the devices to overheat and explode, leading to a massive product recall and a huge black eye to Samsung’s reputation.

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce
From creating personalized shopping experiences to offering virtual buying assistants — AI is improving the online shopping experience for …

Is Personalization the New Buzz for 2017?
On social media, there are core metrics marketers are well aware of, from simple clicks to more complex conversion data. However, raw data isn’t enough to power social campaigns anymore; users and potential customers want a better experience.

How to Give a Killer Presentation
When someone says the words “public speaking,” there’s no need to run for the hills. When you’re able to impress clients, potential investors …


9 Top Social Media Influencers Marketers Need to FollowEntrepreneur
The following social media influencers are all contributors to a new book … He’s now the founder of TeamDom, which includes investors like …

Snapchat is ‘total junk’ and investors should avoid its IPO: Analyst
Snapchat is ‘total junk’, not worth $500 million and investors should avoid its IPO, an analyst … “We are at the tail end of the social media boom.

Stock Price Divergence And Consumer Happiness Are Creating Investing Opportunities
From the thinkorswim integration of social signals from LikeFolio, we can see … be an acquisition target in 2017, perhaps to a social-media company or … Andy Swan is the founder of LikeFolio, which provides investors and …

Metrics, Fees and Regulations
The basic way a media company works is, you make stuff, and you show it to people, and they like to look at it, and then you go to other companies and say “hey look how many people are looking at our stuff, would you like to put an advertisement for your stuff next to our stuff?”


The hero big data needs? Data Civilizer helps scientists conquer the clutter
Big data is a big deal. With these huge data sets, analysts can gain unprecedented insight into the hidden patterns of fields like physics, …

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence from the Cynic
Ambrose Bierce wrote the Devil’s Dictionary in 1910, delighting and edifying cynics everywhere. Stan Kelly-Bootle wrote a new version for the …

Really Big Data At Walmart: Real-Time Insights From Their 40+ Petabyte Data Cloud
Here, over 200 streams of internal and external data, including 40 petabytes of recent transactional data, can be modelled, manipulated and …

Big data lessons from Icelandic visual effects team behind the film Everest
The visual effects company RVX played a major role in producing content for the movie Everest. RVX’s CTO reveals the studio’s big data management challenges during the production.

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