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Here’s What Happens When Two Designers Speak Only in Infographics
EVERY SUNDAY FOR 52 weeks straight, Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec walked to their respective mailboxes and dropped a postcard in the mail. The postcards always came from the same place.

Top 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Imagery
From still images, infographics and GIFs to short, long and live video, visual content drives engagement and message recall on social media.

The Countries With The Most Business Jet Registrations Worldwide
When you start earning the big bucks, there’s only one sure-fire way to cement your status among the super rich. Purchasing a yacht or a …

See Every Single Part Inside An iPhone
In the past, we’ve broken down the extraordinary raw materials in an iPhone 6s, but today’s infographic takes it a step further: it delves into each …

5 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Should Consider Buying a Business
Women comprise a growing percentage of entrepreneurs but seem less interested in buying a business than in starting their own.


While pundits yawn at iPhone 7, investors cheer Apple stock: Social Media Data
Social Market Analytics, which scans posts on social networks to form predictive trading signals, found that the tech giant had among the …

Personal Networking is King in Real Estate Investing
Information is power, and power is money in real estate investing. … by commenting below or by finding me on one of my social media pages:.

The Top 3 Social Media Stocks on the Market Today
In the past decade, social-media stocks have created fortunes for investors. In fact, Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) IPO reportedly created 1,000 …


UK watchdog drops plans for review of Big Data use by insurers
Britain’s markets watchdog has dropped plans for a formal market review of whether Big Data might make it harder or more expensive for some customers to buy car and home insurance, saying there was no evidence of that so far.

Big Data Lens on China’s Economy (Mostly) Affirms Official Stats
A growing universe of big data offers an increasingly complete alternative view on China’s economy, and it’s not massively different than the …

Have Your Cake And Eat It: Big Data Without Hadoop
It’s about time: More than 10 years after we first heard the term, “big data” has become productive. The world’s largest enterprises — Apple, …

How Netflix Is Using Your Data
Netflix, Amazon, and Google all own their own data and they don’t share it with anybody in the entertainment industry. People have made a big …

Big Data Insights Help Personalize the Shopping Experience
Today’s connected customers leave behind valuable data breadcrumbs … Data-driven personalization simply isn’t possible without a Big Data …

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