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Which Countries Have The Highest Levels Of Labor Union Membership
Across most developed nations, labor union membership is getting rarer. Back in 1985, 30 percent of workers in OECD countries were labor union members and that has now fallen to just 17 percent.

What happen in 60 seconds in Forex
Forex is a market which witnesses an overall trade of $5.3 trillion every day. A market as big as forex is never stagnant; it works every second of the day and can show signs of a drastic change even in a span of a moment. There are several things happening in a forex market simultaneously, many big moves are taking place on a continuous basis.


How Social Media Can Help You Secure Funding
If you’re an entrepreneur, social media may feel like a huge waste of time and energy. Pop in for a quick post, and it’s easy to be sucked down the rabbit hole of news, politics, friends and cat videos—so many cat videos. You understand how speaking directly to customers affects your sales. Did you know it can boost your business in other ways?

FANG-Weary Investors See Cheaper Choice in Emerging Markets
Investors weary of the biggest U.S. technology stocks after their unprecedented rally and recent bout of volatility are eyeing cheaper alternatives in emerging markets.

Snap’s New Time Warner Deal Hints the Social Media Upstart Is More Than Puppy Filters
Snap Inc. (SNAP) wants to become a hub for TV-style video content. A string of recent original show deals, the latest announced on Monday, suggests that media giants are beginning to buy into the social media company’s vision. Time Warner Inc.

3 Growth Stocks for Successful Investors
Good growth stocks can be found anywhere, in any industry, and the most successful investors will let their search for one take them where it will.


With Whole Foods Purchase, Amazon Just Bought a Playground for Big Data
Big data will be right there with you. If connected to the store’s WiFi, Amazon.com will be able to capture visitor data as you walk the aisles.

Behind Alibaba’s mission to reduce counterfeit goods using big data and technology
Alibaba has released its annual report for platform governance, revealing that in 2016 it seized counterfeit goods worth three billion yuan, double the value of goods seized the previous year.

Survey: What insights does your company get from big data?
Big data and big data solutions are everywhere, and with the advent of IoT, companies are able to collect more data than ever before. But is that data useful, and are companies acting on it?

3 Massive Big Data Problems Everyone Should Know About
Today, Big Data gives us unprecedented insights and opportunities across all industries from healthcare to financial to manufacturing and more. But, it also raises concerns and questions that must be addressed. The relentless changes to technology and Big Data are keeping everyone on their toes, and the reality is that organizations and tech departments, government agencies, consumer protection groups and consumers are struggling to keep up.

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