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The World’s Most Traded Goods
As can be seen in the following infographic, refined petroleum is the second most traded item worldwide, accounting for 3 percent of all trade with a total trade volume of $825 billion. The United States was actually the most important country for both imports ($41.2 bn) and exports ($61.9 bn) of refined petroleum in 2016.

What Marketers Look for in an Agency
New research from Provoke Insights shows that while cost is the biggest factor driving account reviews, several potential problems can result in agency-marketer relationships being on the rocks, including agency responsiveness and access to research.

The infographics of tyranny exposed in a new handbook
The infographic has a lot to answer for. Conceived as a means of conveying lots of data in an easily digestible format, it has evolved into a lazy substitute for meaningful content. Created by the architect and designer Theo Deutinger, the Handbook should probably be subtitled ‘brief glimpses into our hideous world,’ for it brings home the worst aspects of modern life, rendering the banality of evil like a spreadsheet.

55 Must-Know SEO Tricks for Business Websites
For any business, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence — and that goes beyond just having a website. In order to get your company out there and traffic to your website, you’ve got to have some stellar SEO practices in place.


How Investors Will Benefit As Facebook And Twitter Replace Traditional News
Social media is already a source of news for about two-thirds of U.S. adults according to the Pew Research Center. But, the traditional media’s focus on Facebook’s problems with fake news and President Trump’s tweets have kept investors from seeing that Facebook and Twitter have already replaced broadcast TV, cable TV, and newspapers for lots of Americans.

3 stocks Warren Buffett would buy if he were a Millennial
Millennial Buffett would be all over social media, of course, communicating with investors, and posting selfies on Instagram. No doubt he’d be a fan of Facebook and not just the platform, but the stock, too.

Hashtag creator launches Molly to make a personal bot from your social media footprint
In addition to following your social media activity, the Molly app asks you to answer questions about yourself, like “Do you own an Amazon Echo?” or “Do … include cofounders of companies like Imgur, Stripe, Product Hunt, and others, as well as a number of well-known startup investors and tech journalists.


4 steps to implementing high-performance computing for big data processing
In the big data world, not every company needs high performance computing (HPC), but nearly all who work with big data have adopted Hadoop-style analytics computing.

AI, Big Data Are Meshing–and Disrupting
Data analytics, big data and artificial intelligence are widely seen by banks, manufacturers and technology firms are part of a “continuum” as they begin to derive value while girding for growing competition from data-driven startups.

AI must overcome ‘zillions of hurdles,’ says guy who wrote the book on big data
For the guy who literally wrote the book on big data and its promise to revolutionize how “we live, work, and think,” Kenneth Cukier’s view on big data’s love child, AI, is far less rosy. Citing “zillions of limitations,” Cukier has poured cold water on AI’s hype, ultimately concluding that he’s “not sure, honestly” about the world’s ability to overcome those limitations.

Protecting your prize data assets is as simple as AI, big data, and… chess?
IN 1997, Vladimir Levin stood trial for hacking Citibank’s computers to steal over $10m. This was the first high profile hack of the financial system, the data framework that underpinned the daily transfer of trillions of dollars internationally.