Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Where People Are Working Beyond 65
A recent OECD report has highlighted a glaring disparity in employment rates among over 65s in different countries.

How Marketers Think AI Is Going to Affect the Industry
Eighty-six percent of marketers believe AI will make their work more efficient and effective.

Blockchain ETFs: Profit from the Technology Behind Bitcoin
In simple words, blockchain is a shared, digital ledger that all users can see and but no single user can control. IBM has an excellent infographic on blockchain – describing how a blockchain is built.


Watch Out for These Cryptocurrency Scams
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard a little something about a digital currency called Bitcoin. The price of this and other cryptocurrencies has been soaring, and it’s driving a tulip mania-style frenzy on Wall Street.

How Can Banks Use Social Media To Engage Millennials?
As financial services firms increasingly adopt social media to communicate with customers and investors, they worry about regulatory challenges. Firms must capture and retain business records wherever they occur, including social media.

Investors are flocking to Twitter, but the charts show that trouble is ahead
Wall Street analysts tend to be skeptical of the social media giant as well. Of the 36 who cover the stock, only about 14 percent have a buy rating, with the vast majority, 57 percent, putting the stock at a neutral rating, per FactSet.

Fidelity Investments Shows How Social Media Helps With Stock
Social media isn’t only about sharing pictures of family and opinions on trending stores – it can also be used to identify stocks to invest in. Investing isn’t an exact science, nor is using social media to identify investment opportunities, but social media can be used as a screening tool, says Fidelity Investments which offers its customers access to a stock’s social sentiment measured by the S-Score


2018 Predictions: Opening the Big Data Floodgates
The pace of innovation in big data today is exceeded only by the actual volume of data generated. So how will the industry respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by huge pipes of data that will be opened up in 2018?

How Central Banks Are Using Big Data to Help Shape Policy
Central bankers around the world have set up or are creating departments to embrace big data in the quest for deeper insight into the economies they manage.

Opinion Dispelling the 3 most common myths about AI and big data
It’s easy to see why organizations are looking to the potential of artificial intelligence to harness big data. From self-driving cars, robotic hotel concierges, and intelligent delivery drones to unlocking industry-specific insights and actions to outperform the competition, the combination of AI and big data can be a remarkable game changer.

Safety first in the era of big data
Technology enables people to do their jobs properly, and customers and citizens to experience new digital services. At the same time, though, businesses have to become more resilient in an age when cybersecurity attacks occur with increasing frequency.