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A Look at the Millions of Lives Saved and Improved by the Gates Foundation How $36.7 billion from 3 donors has made the world a better place
Millions of children have been spared from malaria and other preventable diseases via Gates Foundation funding.

Infographic: Looking ahead to the Rio Games
Excitement about the Rio Games is running high, and this summer, people will channel it into mobile. According to a Facebook-commissioned …

Juno And Jupiter
Five years ago NASA launched the Juno space probe and it began its long journey to Jupiter. A few days ago Juno just passed a gravitational …

How technology is changing the kitchen
Recipes have moved from books to screens, with the below infographic from Noeldempsey.com showing that well over half of 25-34-year-olds cook with a …


Gold Holds Gain After Dismal May as Investors Weigh Rate Outlook
Gold held the first advance in 10 days as investors looked ahead to the … Gold investors are parsing data and comments from Fed leaders to gauge the … reviewed by online intermediaries and social media platforms, upon receipt of …

Billionaire Investors Are Betting on Twitter Stock: Time to Buy?
Shares of the short-message social network are down by almost 40% in the … This is a major reason for concern, and investors in Twitter need to be …

Dismay in oil Twitterverse upon popular US crude trader’s exit
When one of the most widely followed oil traders on Twitter abruptly closed his account last week, the outpouring of dismay among his thousands of followers was rare for the secretive multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Snapchat’s Active User Base Continues to Grow
While one might question why investors are funneling so much money into … According to a study by socialfresh, “The Future of Social Media,” …


Tech Startups Wary of Big Data Legal Hassles
It could also signal the beginning of a transition away from big data as private companies seeking to avoid the legal hassles Apple (NASDAQ: …

FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turck on the big data landscape
“We are entering the most exciting time for big data,” according to Matt Turck, in our latest interview. In 2010 only 2.5 percent of the Series A …

3 Web Testing Tips From A Billion Dollar Big Data Analytics Team
One of the things that separates the most successful online retailers and fundraisers from the rest of the pack is their relentless use of testing

LinkedIn’s Kafka Monitor, Apple’s Siri Are Set Free: Big Data Roundup
LinkedIn released another big data technology to open source. Confluent announced version 3.0 of its platform. Apple prepares to open its AI …

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