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Cybersecurity Habits Across Generations
From gen Zers to baby boomers, here’s how different age groups protect themselves online

80% of Videos Drive Less Than a Third of Total Video
A new report from TwentyThree, a video marketing automation platform, studied over 1.5 million videos to better inform marketing and content creation teams about preconceived video myths.

Which Countries Have The Most And Least Confidence In Their Governments?
Trust in government is vitally important. It serves as a driving force for a country’s economic development, makes governmental decisions more effective and leads to greater compliance with regulations and the tax system.

2017’s social media landscape in one stunning infographic
Social media, once the name we gave for a platform like Facebook, has become quite difficult to define. Even Facebook and Twitter don’t typically refer to themselves as social networks — at least not exclusively that.


3 Stocks to Buy if the Bull Market Fizzles
You know it’s coming. Sooner or later, the current long-in-the-tooth bull market will end — probably in tandem with an economic downturn. What will you do when it happens? For some, the answer is to panic. A better approach, though, is to take advantage of the opportunity to buy solid stocks at lower prices that should perform well over the long run.

A people-first view of investing in innovation or entrepreneurs who take people for granted will fail
As the first institutional investor in Lyft, a serial entrepreneur, a hands-on ex-engineer and a lifelong tech enthusiast, I have been fascinated by the promise of the world of autonomous transport.

Reporter’s notebook: China’s shedding its copycat image with innovation after innovation
“China is changing from the so-called copycat nation to innovation nation,” Jing Ulrich, managing director and vice chairman of APAC at JPMorgan Chase, told audiences at the RISE conference in Hong Kong last week.


How To Maintain A High-Quality Big Data Company
These days, accessing big data has become easier than ever due to reduced costs in storage and processing. Companies are collecting data anywhere they can from web traffic, mobile apps and IoT devices, along with many other third-party sources.

Big data: what can the internet tell us about who we really are?
In an age where Google sees trillions of searches a year, what can our usage of it reveal? How accurate are these ‘big data’ representations?

What Happens When IoT, Big Data and Real-Time Location Systems Meet?
The retail industry is in decline. People commonly attribute the decline to three factors: too many malls, customers switching to online shopping and a change in mindset from materialism to experiences.

How a new wave of machine learning will impact today’s enterprise
Advances in deep learning and other machine learning algorithms are currently causing a tectonic shift in the technology landscape.

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