Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Influencing People on Their Mobile Devices
In summary, the infographic below captures the shift towards mobile, and how brands can leverage influencers on a consumer’s favourite social …

The Phenomenon That’s Been Plaguing US Investors For Years!
In our latest infographic, How Investors are Falling Short on Their … to the phenomenon of home-biased investing will NOT always get you the …

Social Commerce Is Primed to Go Mainstream
With social networks expanding their offerings and marketers increasing their investment, social commerce seems primed to go mainstream.

The 2016 Election Had A $6.5 Billion Price Tag
The 2016 election campaign certainly broke new ground but it also broke the bank. Campaign finance watchdog OpenSecrets.org calculated …

How Different Leaders, Such as President Trump and Elon Musk, Set Goals
There are a number of different leadership and goal-setting styles. Check out Weekdone’s infographic below to find out what suits you.


Is The Stock Market ‘March-ing’ Down From Another Historic Top?
This was really the first time that investors en masse even figured out … by tech stocks again, and a handful of sexy companies in social media, …

French Election: Swissquote and EPFL Help Investors Understand the Likely Impact on Financial Markets
Swissquote Bank Ltd., Switzerland’s leading online bank, announces the launch of a set of investor tools that help anticipate the impact of the French presidential election on financial markets

United Air Won’t Fire Anyone Over Dragging Debacle, CEO Says
United Continental Holdings Inc. won’t fire anyone over last week’s incident in which a passenger was dragged off a plane, an episode that sparked worldwide condemnation of the airline.

3 Big Reasons to Stay Away from Snap, Inc. Stock
Initial public offerings are exciting, and the one for Snap (NYSE:SNAP) was no different. A flashy new tech issue with a large youthful following and the potential for a big run-up in its shares were just a few reasons investors clamored for its stock.


Where’s The Value In Big Data?
Big data is old news. It fell off the Gartner hype curve in 2015. So, where’s the plateau of productivity? It turns out there’s no one answer for how …

A new era in big data: Cloudera sets terms for $195 million IPO
Cloudera, which provides a data management platform based on its open source hybrid of Hadoop, announced terms for its IPO on Monday.

Why Securing Big Data is a Big Deal
In this special guest feature, Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist for Imperva, Inc., discusses the many reasons that make big data security a “big …

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