Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


6 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2017
Other than funding and getting in fights with cofounders, social media has become one of the staples of the business world. As one of the most …

How Storytelling Is Helping Brands Sell More Products Detailed stories connect with consumers
It’s no secret that storytelling is a key tool for brands and marketers that want to connect with consumers—and boost sales.

The Jobs With The Biggest Cash Bonuses
For many employees, target-based cash incentives rank high on their list of most desired workplace perks and benefits. According to research …

How to Say ‘No’ at Work
Whether you’re trying to impress your boss or you fear you’ll let someone down, saying “no” at work can be hard. But it shouldn’t be. Too often …

Snapchat: Still Growing Strong
Not only did growth remain steady throughout 2016, Snapchat seems to be generating substantial revenue. An infographic from creative studio …


Which asset management firm is best at social media – and why does the sector fall short?
Asset managers are in general failing to connect with investors online and via social media, a new study suggests.

Social Native gets authentic fans to create social media content for brands
InSocial Native has created a marketplace for connecting brands with content creators who can create authentic social media assets that promote those brands.

How Social Media Usage Could Affect Your Startup Funding Opportunities
Getting funding for your startup could pose one of the most difficult hurdles of your entrepreneurial career.

Can Snapchat’s Culture of Secrecy Survive an IPO?
Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel’s values will be tested as he convinces investors of the company’s potential.

Pre-IPO Insider: Your Last Chance At A Social Media Startup
There is still one social media giant that has yet to go public. It’s one of the largest, … But you can get a piece of the action as a Pre-IPO investor.


Big data touted as next key to unlock fixed income trading
LONDON, Jan 18 (IFR) – Data analytics firms could be one of the prime beneficiaries of poor liquidity in fixed-income markets, as investors look for new tools to help them trade bonds in meaningful size.

How Amazon Will Ride Big Data To $1 Trillion Market Cap
In effect, Amazon would just start sending stuff to its more than 63 million Prime customers without being explicitly asked. It will use Big Data to …

How Will Big Data Evolve in the Year Ahead?
A recent survey by the analyst firm Gartner Inc., for instance, found that while big data technologies are seeing more overall investment, that …

Alibaba launches Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance
Alibaba Group has announced a Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance that will use big data in a bid to end the sale of counterfeit goods on the …

The information age: unlocking the power of big data
If utilised correctly, big data can significantly enhance business’ ability to make intelligent strategic decisions, whether it be deciding where to …

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