Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Video Game Are Good For Your Brain
Previously it had been shown that an enriched environment had a positive effect on memory in animals. What does this mean for human beings …

The iPhone price index
The iPhone is not exactly cheap in the United States, but considering the prices that Apple fans have to pay in other parts of the world, the …

Inside the Modern Wedding, Where 82% of Couples Create a Custom Hashtag
Late spring is in bloom across the country, bringing with it the unofficial kickoff to wedding season—but if you’ve logged on to Instagram any …


‘The Madoff of millennials’? Fyre Festival investors eye a court fight with organizer
Investors in the ill-fated Fyre Festival in the Bahamas will begin to assert legal claims against organizer William “Billy” McFarland this week in what is likely to be a protracted effort to recover assets from the supermodel-fronted luxury private-island music festival that collapsed in spectacular discord last month, stranding hundreds.

Social Media Outperformed, but It’s Old Media That Impressed Investors
On this episode of Market Foolery, Chris Hill is joined by Motley Fool Explorer’s Simon Erickson as they talk about Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) strong quarter, The New York Times’ (NYSE:NYT) online growth, and Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) future. They also discuss Simon’s recent trip to Silicon Valley and what he learned there.

Snap Shares Surge as Filings Reveal Big Bets From Top Investors
Snap’s (SNAP) quarterly earnings report may have left Wall Street feeling disappointed last week, but the results didn’t scare off all of its investors. A series of recent regulatory filings show that top institutional investors took a stake in the social media upstart in the fiscal first quarter, displaying a vote of confidence in a company that has had more than its share of ups and downs since going public in early March.


How Big Data Analytics Is Solving Big Advertiser Problems
Big data can help make sense of the information gathered, such as retention cost, average transaction value and even customer satisfaction.

HPE unveils ‘world’s largest’ single memory computer
A prototype computer with 160TB of memory has been unveiled by Hewlett Packard Enterprises.
Designed to work on big data, it could analyse the equivalent of 160 million books at the same time, HPE said.

Our personal data is being manipulated for political gain – we need to take control of it
Politics has long been a dirty game. Way back in 1828, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson fought in what is considered the dirtiest election ever, where the mudslinging Jackson accused Adams of providing a young virgin for the Tsar of Russia while Adams’ camp questioned Mrs Jackson’s morality.

The Promises and Limitations of Big Data
Although many people claim we have entered the era of big data, research firms tell us that most collected information is never used. It sits uncleaned, unanalyzed, unused in databases.

Beyond Analysis: Businesses Are Still ‘Nervous’ About Big Data
That’s according to Paul Alexander, founder and CEO of UK-based big data and analytics firm Beyond Analysis, who spoke to Silicon about the …

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