Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


The Countries Where People Say The News Is Reported Accurately
The following infographic shows a selection of those 38 countries with the Dutch in particular placing a high degree of faith in the accuracy of their news coverage. 82 percent of people in the Netherlands said their news media are doing very or somewhat well at reporting the news accurately.

Will cybercrime make the internet safer?
Many people look at the world as a zero sum game. When one person wins, it’s because someone else had to lose. The same principles are often applied to infosecurity. If you are winning at infosecurity, it is because someone else is losing. Cybercrime is so rampant – and both expensive and difficult to combat – that many information security professionals believe the situation is completely hopeless.


Social media entrepreneurs with big-name backers hope to change
The way consumers get their news keeps changing. But social media users and news junkies alike continue to be enamored with platforms that emphasize images over text.

How to Build Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Investors
“The survey found that nearly all Institutional Investors use digital media sources for professional purposes (97%), and an impressive 79% use social media at work. With its focus on professional content, LinkedIn is the preferred social media source with 48% of all Institutional Investors using the platform.”.

Buy Facebook (FB) On Increased Social Media Use in 2018
Now, as investors look out at all of the possible investment opportunities for 2018, some might want to consider doubling-down on Facebook FB or scooping up the social media behemoth for the first time.

Investors Join Calls for Facebook, Twitter to Take More Responsibility
A BIG PENSION fund and an activist investment firm Thursday said they had filed shareholder proposals pushing Facebook and Twitter to take more responsibility for managing content on their platforms, including mistreatment of women, fake news, election interference, violence, and hate speech—in other words, the same issues that have kept social-media giants in the crosshairs for the past year.


Big Data Is Overrated Compared To Human Ingenuity
We live in an era in which top executives can’t survive without breaking into song about the wonders of big data. They have to be able to create beautiful correlations of data, or at least hire a business analyst to handle it for them.

Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning: Changing Insurance
Success, failure, and change in the insurance business have always been largely data-determined. But today is different. The proliferation of big data and the advent of advanced analytics and machine learning are changing the game entirely.

Why the reality of big data is finally catching up to its hype
In case you were wondering, “big data” is still a thing. And in case you needed proof, recent earnings reports from Cloudera and Hortonworks suggest there is still big money in big data. We’ve taken to dressing it up in machine learning or AI clothes, but most companies are still struggling with the foundational basics of wildly variegated, fast-moving, high volume data, and are willing to pay for some help.

Europe to spend €1bn on supercomputers and big data infrastructure
The European Commission’s decided to throw €486 million at high performance computers. The Commission expects that member states will chip in another €500m-plus for a total spend of over €1 billion by the year 2020.