Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Augmented Reality, The Future, And Pokemon Go
When searching for examples of augmented reality we often think of movies like Minority Report, or Ironman. Both movies feature computer …

How Tech Is Disrupting The Traditional Healthcare Market
The infographic below will show you how much health care technology is changing the old processes and how we are only scratching the …

Here Are All The Weird Things That Happen To Your Body While You Sleep
Luckily, British bed company Dreams broke down an eight-hour night of sleep, stage by stage, in a handy infographic that highlights some of …


This Big Activist Investor Just Bought Shares of Twitter
14 after activist hedge fund Jana Partners revealed a new 2.95 million share stake in the struggling social network. The $56 million stake …

Here’s where seed investors are scaling up
Seed investors are, by definition, the first ones to back startups and … bets about something — whether it’s social media in the early 2000s or …

Silicon Valley is divided on whether California should secede from the US in a ‘Calexit’
The Silicon Valley elite has taken to social media to express its … a well-known angel investor and cofounder of Hyperloop One, said on Twitter …

Peter Thiel’s VC Partner Publishes a Sharp Critique of Donald Trump
While Thiel is an investor and board member of Facebook fb , the biggest social media network of them all, Lewis suggested that social …

How Investors Can Keep Calm During The Dawn Of A Trump Presidency
Here are 5 pieces of advice for investors and Financial Advisors … through social media, make a personalized video, whatever it takes to keep …


Organizations Hold Favorable View of Ireland for Big Data Projects
NEW YORK (November 16, 2016)—According to a report by Forbes Insights, in association with Irish law firm William Fry, “Europe for Big Data: …

The hottest new big data analytics jobs you need to know
Data hygienist and machine teachers are just two of the new analytics job roles that have emerged. See if any of these jobs might be a good fit for you.

Is Donald Trump’s Surprise Win a Failure of Big Data? Not Really
Humans failed, not Big Data. Having had some success with our Brexit forecast earlier in the year, on this occasion Predata— like practically ..

Google Music Taps Big Data to Build a Robot DJ Mind-Reader
It considers that data alongside things like time of day, location (a bar is different from a … VR is a big buzzword right now, so forgive them.

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