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How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
From social relationships to your professional demeanor, emotional intelligence impacts nearly every aspect of your life and can be vital to your success. It helps you better understand yourself and your emotions, empathize with those around you and respond to situations appropriately.

What happen in 60 seconds in Forex
Forex is a market which witnesses an overall trade of $5.3 trillion every day. A market as big as forex is never stagnant; it works every second of the day and can show signs of a drastic change even in a span of a moment.

The Demographic Timebomb: A Rapidly Aging Population
With record-high amounts of student debt, questionable job prospects, and too much avocado toast in their bellies, many millennials already feel like they are getting the short end of the stick.

The Evolution of Apps – Plus, What’s Ahead!
Maybe you forgot… but there was almost certainly a time when you were thrilled to download Evernote. (“You mean I can make a note on my phone and the same note will be instantly available on my computer?!”).


3 Tech Stocks That Have Killer Advantages
Some tech companies have moats that are so wide that competitors can’t cross them without drowning. These types of companies make great long-term investments, since they’re generally so far ahead that they can use their scale to stamp out smaller rivals and secure major partnerships.

Trends Lurking Beneath The Market’s Surface
Many investors do not want to “own the market” because that entails … the ongoing obsession with a small set of tech and social media stocks.

Grain: Bringing Social Media To Your Investments
Managing personal finances, especially investments, can be a lonely endeavor. Maybe you have a few people you trust for advice, but unless you pay someone to know the intricacies of your financial life, there’s only so much time someone would be willing to commit to helping you.

5 things millionaires and billionaires do every day to be successful
Billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffett took a class to conquer his crippling fear of public speaking. Bill Gates says reading has helped him learn more about the world. Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran studied the tricks to making a big sale out in the field.


Big Data Is Revolutionizing The Way We Develop Life-Saving Medicine
Big data sets are so complex and large that common data processing tools and technologies cannot cope with them. The process of inspection of such data and uncovering patterns is called big data analytics. The basic question which arises in our mind is, “In what way is the drug discovery related to big data analytics?” or “how is data analytics useful in the process of drug discovery?”

Why Big Data Isn’t A Dirty Word
No matter how excited people like me get about the idea of Big Data, artificial intelligence and an always-connected world, we can’t forget that there are negative connotations to these terms.

Guizhou to become China’s ‘Big Data Valley’
Tens of thousands of people attended the four-day China International Big Data Industry Expo 2017, held at the end of May in Guiyang, capital of the south-western province of Guizhou province, that showcased and discussed IT possibilities and opportunities.

Sadiq Khan pledges to solve urban challenges with Big Data
London Mayor Sadiq Khan today committed to making London the world’s greatest smart city, pledging to use technological advances like Big Data to solve some of the capital’s biggest problems.

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