Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


The gentrification process explained in 6 simple infographics
When over 3,000 people were moved from the Heygate Estate in South East London to make way for regeneration, housing campaigners …

How Programmatic Is Getting a Major Boost This Holiday Season Advertisers are starting their holiday spend earlier than ever
If it seems like the deluge of online holiday advertising is starting earlier every year, you’re not just imagining things: According to new data from ad tech company Index Exchange, the beginning of the 2016 holiday advertising season started several weeks earlier than usual.

The Origin of Just About Everything, Visualized
Lawton crafts the narration while Daniel handles the infographics. Together they’re able to answer nagging questions that have inspired …

Gender quotas in the boardroom
This Infographic, published in The Future Workplace Special Report, reveals that account for almost half the UK workforce and yet their representation on …


When Donald Trump Hate-Tweeted Lockheed Martin, Hedge Funds Were Ready
Even before Donald Trump went on Twitter and posted his market-cratering tweet lambasting Lockheed Martin‘s F-35 fighter jets, the company’s stock was already falling.

3 Top Growth Stocks to Buy in 2017
Not only do Wall Street and investors look to faster growing stocks to lead the … is none other than social media giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).

Why Millennials Flock To Fintech For Personal Investing
Moreover, millennials are heavy users of social media, and apt to recommend … pursues is not dissimilar from a mainstream financial investor..

Facebook’s Investors Criticize Marc Andreessen for Conflict of Interest
But the board’s process was flawed, according to investor lawsuits filed … in acquisitions and may make it harder for the largest social-network …


Should Big Data Pick Your Next Doctor?
The company uses a database of some 700,000 physicians, 96% of the U.S. total, and merges it with insurance-claims data and biographical …

Business Process Mining Promises Big Data Payoff
With the advent of big data analytics, companies are finding that techniques like machine learning can help identify inefficient processes and …

Industry’s Most Comprehensive Big Data Maturity Survey Reveals Surprising State of Hadoop, Dramatic Rise of Big Data in the Cloud
Amongst many other insights, the survey reveals a surge in Cloud deployments for Big Data. More than half of respondents deploy Big Data in the Cloud today and 72% plan on doing so in the future.

Big data expert Flavio Villanustre talks about the future of massive data stores
Flavio Villanustre is an expert in Big Data. He and his team at an offshoot of LexisNexis created a massive open source product aimed at …

A Big Market For Big Data – An Outlook on 2017
Another year, another stellar run for the tech world’s darling – data. Big Data analytics and Business Intelligence are both fueling the growth of …

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