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15 Things You Didn’t Know Were British
You can read all about a number of the most important to modern life in a new infographic from silverdoor.co.uk. It’s called ’15 Things You …

Why Dublin is the digital hub of Europe
IDA Ireland’s latest infographic ‘Dublin – A Technology Hub’ is a timely reminder of why the capital city of Ireland is a bastion of the European tech scene.

Home Ownership Is Decreasing In More And More US Cities
Some of the cities with the largest shifts towards renting between 2009 and 2015 are included on the infographic below. Atlanta saw its share of …


2 Tech Companies Whose Sales Could Double in 2017
Wall Street expects Momo and Energous to post massive sales growth this year, but investors should carefully weigh their strengths and weaknesses.

United shares slide as PR nightmare catches up with investors
Videos of the incident went viral on social media and prompted CEO Oscar Munoz to apologize for having to “re-accommodate” customers after …

Lyft raises $600M amid Uber’s crises
The company announced on Tuesday that it has raised a fresh $600 million from investors. The new funding bumps up Lyft’s valuation to $7.5 billion — still far short of Uber’s estimated $68 billion worth.

Netflix’s newest production should scare investors
Netflix Inc., which forced the Securities and Exchange Commission to create “the Reed Hastings Rule” for disclosing material corporate information over social media, is pushing the envelope again.


Big challenges in big data
Location data from smart devices will increasingly enhance the trove of data financial services firms can already tap. The challenge remains not …

How to avoid big data project failures: Your 5-step guide
Discover five ways that big data project managers can improve their odds of success.

Big Data and AI in Corporate Transparency
At the same time, new technology and big data have disrupted entire industries and influenced how we work, how we consume, and how we …

Big Data Won’t Make Juries Better
It’s a possibility that Andrew Ferguson, a law professor at the University of the District of Columbia, explores in a paper called “The Big Data …

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