Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


The World’s Youngest Countries
An estimated 350,000 people took to the streets in Barcelona yesterday, protesting against Catalan independence from Spain. Similar rallies were held across the country throughout the weekend amid speculation that unilateral independence could be declared by Catalan leaders during the regional parliament’s next sitting.

The 20 Most Searched-for Business Types
Ever use Google to search for your latest business idea? You’re not the only one. Most of these aspiring entrepreneurs inquired about clothing lines, restaurants and food trucks, according to an analysis by machinery seller Bid on Equipment.

The world’s most cashless countries
New research (and nifty infographics) from global trading site Forex Bonuses reveals that Canada takes the top spot, narrowly edging out Sweden for the top position.


Twitter Investor Ballmer Says Social Media Companies Can’t Police Fake News
With big technology companies facing criticism over potential manipulation by Russians trying to influence the U.S. presidential election, Twitter Inc. shareholder and former Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said the companies can’t do more at present to police the spread of fake news.

Facebook’s problems could only get worse, investor Roger McNamee says
It isn’t good enough for Facebook to say it will hire more people and punish those who misuse the social media site after the fact, Roger McNamee said.

Google Desperately Tries to Counter Snapchat
Alphabet’s Google could soon launch “Stamp”, a platform that clones the popular “Discover” media tab on Snap’s Snapchat. A recent Recode report claims that Google will even pay publishers to create content for Stamp, indicating that it’s concerned about the social media network’s creeping reach into online news.


In the Next Wave Of Innovation, Big Data Is Your Competitive Advantage
Until very recently, online consumer activities such as search queries, clicks or purchases were the main sources of data for large enterprises.

How should the UK handle big data?
“There’s no need for a big data strategy [in the USA],” says Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst. “We just call it a data strategy.” Stephen Brobst is CTO of Teradata is referring to the difference in perception between his home country, where ‘big data’ has almost vanished as a term, to the UK, where we at Computing still see it every day.

Big Data, Big Problem: Could Wall Street See Insider Trading Lawsuits Over Selling Data Sets?
But the brave new world of big data-driven investing is something of a regulatory grey area. At what point does some exclusive, real-time look through into a company’s performance constitute insider trading?

Successful Big Data Initiatives Live At The Intersection Of Insight And Compliance
Consider how many organizations embark on a big data initiative. They purchase the right technology and begin pooling data from disparate systems into data lakes or data warehouses.

Bookmakers to embrace ‘big data’ to shift racing’s betting landscape
A new app will give post-race information including every runner’s speed at different stages. Racing fans will be able to place bets on mobile phone as race is being run.

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