Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Our Top Infographics of 2016
And with that, we are proud to wrap up the year with 16 of the best infographics, charts, and data visualizations that we posted over the course …

10 Trends Driving Visual Content Marketing in 2017
Visual content has become so prevalent that it’s no longer just a piece of the marketing industry, but its core. The widespread adoption of video …

How Millennials Spend Their Money to Make Statements
Whether you’re wearing a certain brand, building a house or even paying for a monthly gym membership, you’re making a statement. Everyone …


The app that warns investors when Donald Trump tweets about companies
A finance app has unveiled a special feature that alerts investors when … Just this week Mr Trump used the social media site to attack General …

When Companies Tweet, Investors Listen
Posting negative news on corporate social media might make investors uneasy and lead to bad press.

Why SNAP Will Be The Most Unprofitable Social Media IPO Ever?
Snapchat lost $130m in 2014. Despite getting serious about monetization and growing revenues 11,000%, we estimate operating losses have grown, making $SNAP the most unprofitable social media IPO in history.


Executives Report Measurable Results From Big Data, But Challenges Remain
After a half decade of investment, and periods of trial and error, a near majority of business executives now report successful results from their Big Data investments.

A perfect illustration of how the big data value chain works
The more adept that companies become at utilizing their big data, the more value they can derive from the effort. This value initially comes from …

Big data could help economists avoid any more embarrassing Michael Fish moments
Big data looks at the billions of decisions that people are making at the very moment that they make them, and then uses artificial intelligence to …

Battling the Tyranny of Big Data
But there’s a dark side — and computer scientists warn that we’ll need a lot more transparency if the big-data revolution is really to work for all of …

6 Trends to Expect for Big Data In 2017
The focus on big data in 2017 will be on the value of that data, according to John Schroeder, executive chairman and founder of MapR Technologies, Inc.

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