Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Which Online Platforms Do Americans Want Killed Off?
There comes a point in most people’s lives where a certain online platform finally drives them over the edge. Whether it’s an unsavory message from a creep on Tinder or a questionable tweet from the president that proves the final straw, one obvious solution is closing your account and quitting the platform in question.

What Marketers Really Think About Artificial Intelligence
In a world of tech innovations, new platforms and constant competition, it’s easy for words to lose their meaning, even when the concepts they represent are changing the industry.


Investors Pressure Apple Over Psychological Risks Of Screen Time For Kids
Apple is the latest of the tech giants to feel pressure regarding the mounting evidence that excessive screen time is harmful to mental health—especially for kids. Two big investors have published a request to Apple, calling on the tech giant to take the lead in developing steps to help mitigate the psychological risks of too much phone time.

An Investor’s Guide to AI
You have things like search engines and social media companies. And you have the, by nature, very rapid, exponential ascent of progress that machine learning creates, because you have machines learning and then being able to take the best-performing machines and replicate that out.

Legendary Facebook backer nails the existential issue facing social
As a veteran tech investor and early social media adopter, Roger McNamee is uniquely positioned to explain why Facebook and Google are so successful — as well as how “we are drowning in evidence that there are costs that society may not be able to afford.”


Amazon, Google, Microsoft, The Cloud And Other 2018 Trends
Big Data will be less about technology. It will be more about management practices and processes. And data engineers will be forced to rethink their world as the enterprise mindset for analytics excellence shifts.

Big Data Works Only for Those Who Hype It
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, she singles out data as an important competitive advantage that should be more seriously considered in antitrust reviews and investigations. Buying the mostly groundless big data hype is, unfortunately, often the flip side of a healthy concern with privacy.

France’s Macron calls for Europe-wide big data strategy
Emmanuel Macron has called for a Europe-wide strategy on big data during his visit to Beijing, saying it is a priority for France this year. European big data companies needed the size of the European market to compete with China and the US while ensuring the personal data protections lacking in the Chinese market, the French president said after a forum on artificial intelligence.

Mine all the data, they said. It will be worth your while, they said
But even a modest IT estate is capable of producing gigabytes of raw telemetry data a day. Some big data advocates will tell you that you should take all of that data, shove it into database and then run lots of analytics against it.