Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Perks Of Persuasion: The Benefits Employees Would Switch Jobs For
The vast majority of American workplaces offer their employees some kind of perk or benefit, whether it’s flexible working time, an on-site gym …

How B-to-B Companies Can Generate Leads via Facebook Ads
Endorsement-driven advertising network Adlove shared its strategy for business-to-business companies to generate leads via Facebook ads, in infographic form.

Infographic: The top 10 cities for CIO job satisfaction
Miami, Boston, and Des Moines top the list of US cities where CIOs report the highest job satisfaction, according to a new Robert Half …


Snap Finds Its IPO Is a Tough Sell in London
A full team of Snap Inc. executives, advisers, and the Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Plc attempted to sell the story of the social media company’s IPO in London Monday. So far it has been a tough sell.

Witness Investors Overpaying for Weibo
In 2016, the $10.9 billion Chinese social media company delivered 37% sales growth to $655.8 million compared to its previous year of …

Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates quietly invested $52 million in a social network for scientists
ResearchGate, the social media network for scientists, announced on Tuesday that it quietly raised $52.6 million (£42.3 million) from a cohort of big name investors in November 2015 to help it scale its business.

Social Data Tools Provide Investing Intel Before Analysts Can
At $5 million per 30-second spot, investors want to know which … Social media sentiment improved dramatically from there over the next few …


Fake News: How Big Data And AI Can Help
Recent huge political decisions like Brexit and the U.S. presidential elections surprised journalists and professional predictors alike with their …

Why Big Data Kills Businesses
Big data has been anointed the savior of big business: it divines the future, reveals our path, and breathes new life into our venerable business …

Build the Right Team for Big Data Success
You may have been successful with a center of excellence for your business intelligence or analytics practice. But big data success requires a …

Unlike big data, IoT may live up to the hype
Big data has long promised more than it delivers, at least for most enterprises. While a shift to cloud pledges to help, big data deployments are …

APAC banks warming up to big data
While global banks in Asia-Pacific (APAC) have been adopting big data in droves, more local banks in the region are now doing so to gain a “second-mover …

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