Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Selfies, surveillance and infographics: Big Bang Data at Somerset House
Upstairs, large-scale infographics, short films and personal art projects show the changing ways in which data is stored, used and generated.

Who Does What in the Data Science Industry
A data scientist cleans, massages, and organizes Big Data, according to DataCamp in the following infographic. A database administrator, on …

What’s the Difference Between Gen Y and Gen Z?
Internet and social media use varies across generational boundaries. Marketers and networks realize that capitalising on a core audience at a …

How Branding and Packaging Affect the Way Consumers Trust Food 76% check ingredients, while 51% look for place of origin
Consumers are more engaged than ever in choosing what foods to buy and what brands to buy them from. Photo: Maskot/Getty Images.

How iPad Usage Has Evolved Over Time
By checking out the infographic we’ve put together below, you can find which iPad user you identify with, whether you’re an early adopter, …


How Investors Are Using Social Media to Make Money
It’s no secret that, these days, a single post on social media can have a dramatic impact.

eMarketer Brings Great News for Facebook
While all social-media investors should be encouraged by the industry tailwinds, Facebook has a unique opportunity to grow above and beyond the …

Credit Suisse Eyes Social Network For Super Rich
Membership for the three-comma club has been a hot commodity enjoyed only by Russ Hanneman and his billionaire counterparts in the fictional HBO show “Silicon Valley.” But maybe not for long.


Don’t rush us into the next big data disaster
The UK government has laid out its plans for updating its web surveillance legislation, part of which will require internet companies to store details of …

Digital map maker HERE says to explore use of big data
DE), BMW and Daimler that owns digital map maker HERE said on Monday it would explore the use of big data to improve the quality of its maps.

Cortana Taps Power BI, Wikipedia Leans On AI: Big Data Roundup
In this Dec. 6 edition of the Big Data Roundup we look at machine learning use cases, how Microsoft is bringing business intelligence into Cortana, …

Big Buzz about Big Data: 5 Ways Big Data Is Changing Finance
Big Data is a big deal… particularly for financial markets. As the CEO of a Big Data company, I’d like to share with you some insights into this shift, …

Microsoft Research 2016 predictions: More online video, new processor tech
Ethics in big data becomes a big deal: The privacy implications of data collection is an ongoing topic of debate, and according to Principal Researcher …

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