Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Insight – Does a happy employee make for a healthy stock price?
When BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, evaluates potential stock purchases, its managers look at all the usual financial metrics.

Sprinklr Buys Get Satsifaction To Add Customer Feedback To Its Social Media Platform
Sprinklr, the social media management company that vaulted into the “unicorn club” last month after it raised $46m on a $1b+ valuation, is making an acquisition to expand into a new area, customer feedback.

Facebook, Twitter to Appeal as Turkey Blocks Social Media
Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. said they would appeal a Turkish court’s order to remove images of a slain prosecutor that were deemed to abet terrorism, as the government tightened its grip over Internet access.

Why Your Business Must Embrace Social Media Yesterday
For years I thought “I don’t care about social media. My business isn’t one of ‘those’ businesses.” Maybe you’ve been thinking the same thing.

This hedge fund wants to profit off your tweets
Is there great investment advice to be found in social media? … Facebook, and online communities set up specifically for investors to share and follow …


Interana: One startup’s revolt against the ‘high priests’ of big data
To make analytics faster and more usable, the Interana team built an analytics engine from the ground up. Here’s how they built a data analytics tool ..

For Big Data, It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times
So you’re trying to figure out whether your company should invest in big data analytics. You may be a CIO, you may be in marketing; doesn’t matter.

Could big data determine who wins the General Election?
Political science is, at last, becoming a ‘proper’ science. Data analysis techniques are spreading throughout the political class as big data is used in …

The six burning questions for firms looking to make money from big data
Big data has been touted as the ‘new oil for business’, representing incredible potential financial rewards. How should they go about using it, asks …

Skip the New Coke approach: Recycle classic IT methods for big data
Big data initiatives are not too far from the New Coke vs. Classic Coke story. In fact, it would be worthwhile to take another look at some of the classic IT …

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