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How Designers Turn Data Into Beautiful Infographics
The best infographics are clear, easy to digest, and eye-catching. But the process of distilling data into a neat little chart, bar graph, or venn diagram …

2014 in review: a year of visualizing data
2014 could be “the year of infographics.” Businesses have realized the importance of data visualization, and infographics are a go-to tool.

Here are 5 infographics that can help improve your online marketing strategy
Here’s a handful of infographics to help you get started.

The year in infographics
The year in infographics. Posted 2 hours ago by John Bradley and Rob Brooks. UpvoteUpvoted … 4. 2014: A year in infographics. 3 hours ago. 3; 3 …


This Social Media Stock Could More Than Double
The key lesson learned: Investors have no faith in a social media company unless it can show strong revenue growth to corroborate its traffic growth.

ayondo’s social trading platform opens doors for investors
With the rise of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, the … On its platform, investors are able to trade several thousand financial …

Leadership and Transparency 2015: The Social Media Imperative
The idea is that, by making sure a business leader is comfortable using social media, any interested party — whether employee, investor, vendor or …

Why Ello Isn’t Giving Up — or Worrying About Facebook
Ad-free social network Ello has taken on what many consider an impossible … the company as investors, and don’t view their investments as charity.

What Internet of Things (IoT) Investors Need to Watch in 2015
What Internet of Things (IoT) Investors Need to Watch in 2015 … the huge amounts of data coming from the IoT, social media and wearable devices, …


CES 2015: Big Data A Quiet Star
At first glance the consumer electronic industry’s annual gadget fest might not seem to have a lot in common with big data. After all, what does CES …

Think Small: Why Big Data Isn’t For Everyone
If “big data” sounds daunting, you are not alone. Countless marketers say they don’t even know where to begin — that big data came to them as a …

Who Owns Big Data?
And, although networks of contributors have developed public data infrastructure – Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap are two examples – Big Data …

How one company is trying to tackle Big Data’s big problem
The promise of big data, the term given to analyzing trends in enormous data sets, is that it could help identify trends faster than ever before. In practice …

Looking Back at Top Big Data Stories and Trends of 2014
Big data analytics give enterprises faster access to their own data more than before. The trend of big data remains a high priority for businesses in …

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