Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Seeing Is Believing: Infographics Revolutionizing The Patient Experience
Infographics and visualizations are hugely popular in all cultures, and there is unlimited opportunity to use them in a complex field like health care.


What Can Social Media Tell You About Chipotle, Potbelly, and Panera?
Investors love metrics. Whether it be returns on capital, or growth rates, we always want to break performance down to easily digestable numbers.

Fleeced tracker investors need to be told about better deals
One wonders whether a marketing and advertising campaign or even a social media drive could reach these investors and suggest politely that they …


Big data can transform learning – as long as lecturers take control
The collection of data on a large scale has already revolutionised our experience of online shopping. Imagine what it can do for online learning.

Retailers Use Big Data to Turn You Into a Big Spender
Buy now, pay later is just one of the many ways big data is transforming retail, both online and off. Stores that know how to analyze the billions of bread …

Big Data Means Big Disruption
At first glance this may read like an article on Internet privacy, however, it is not. What I am really eliciting here is the power of big data and how brands …

Big data, the cloud– all mean bigger IT budgets
Big data, the cloud– all mean bigger IT budgets. Almost half of the respondents in a 2014 Digital Realty survey of data center trends in the Asia-Pacific …

Big Data Learns To Write
Insights from big data streams are often presented in dashboard form, complete with charts, graphs, and other visually oriented infographics — an …

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