Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


How Designers Create Gorgeous Infographics From Scratch
Infographics are a staple of modern media. At their best, they’re elegant, streamlined visual capsules of information that help us process complex data …

How Infographics Can Help Scale Content Creation
Including infographics in content strategy could maximize content’s value to readers and help increase its overall shareability. From short-form to …

Infogr.am unlocks the power of teamwork, launches Infogr.am For Teams
Infogr.am, web’s favorite infographics and data visualization service has launched its new Infogr.am For Teams product. Now teams can collaborate on …


Social media sentiment analysis helps investors place bond bets
Sentiment analysis based on social media data can be tricky to pull off, but Capital Market Exchange is using it to provide insights on the corporate …

Revisiting The Big Four Social Media Stocks
Nearly a year ago, I put the ‘Big Four’ social media companies under the microscope, asking whether …. Investors should do their own research.

31000 people an hour are joining the social network Ello. The anti-Facebook, explained.
Ello might be the new Facebook or the new Twitter or the new social media …. VCs, unlike Kickstarter campaigns and angel investors, don’t just give …

Investors Fret About Yahoo’s Future
Yahoo may be losing some appeal on Wall Street now that U.S. investors can … Yahoo’s stock fell Monday as investors grappled with uncertainty about … social media site like Pinterest, or even an established name such as AOL


Edwina Dunn :Big Data Is Accessible for All: Now We Must Fulfil Its Potential
The announcement last week of IBM’s new Watson Analytics has been heralded as the next major development in the Big Data revolution. Able to.

LinkedIn’s ‘answer’ to big data problems: Pinot
Big data presents a huge opportunity in the tech community and is routinely as touted as much. But not so many are keen to admit the pitfalls and …

The holy grail of big data: Becoming a predictive enterprise
By now I expect that most of you have noticed that the approach I am advocating to achieve big data and analytics success runs counter to the growing …

Beyond man vs. machine: how human-computer symbiosis is driving the future of big data
This tendency is one that has gained too much credence in the often alarmist rhetoric surrounding big data. Far too often marketers have been guilty of …

How IoT big data will transform manufacturing automation
Find out how big data and Internet of Things contribute to smart manufacturing automation, which may benefit everyone in the supply chain.

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