Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Where Is Technology Placing US Jobs At Risk?
Technological advances are becoming a major threat to lower-skill industries across the world, especially in developing countries.

Infographic Shows Evolution of Money from Coins to Apple Pay
The folks at Choice Loans have published an infographic called “The Evolution of Payment Methods” that traces the development of money …

Internet of Things generates ROI for many, but roadblocks remain
Less than a quarter of respondents to the latest Tech Pro Research survey said their company is currently using IoT-connected devices to …

How much it will cost to buy the US presidency in 2016
The digital revolution is changing how presidential campaigns reach and activate voters. New research breaks down the $16.5 billion that campaigns will spend for the 2016 election.


How Long Can Facebook’s Winning Streak Last?
Investors traded shares of the company up 33% last year; the social media behemoth is now worth $293 billion. The message is clear: Wall …

Should Agencies Invest In Startups?
Any company who wants to begin investing in startups needs to start by articulating what their specific goals are, as different goals will lead to different operating modes & different measures of success.

Instagram Beats Twitter in Another Key Area
The real customers (aka advertisers) appear to prefer Instagram over Twitter.


Young Entrepreneurs Are Applying the Power of Big Data to the Real World
Much is written about the vital role of big data for corporate decision-making. In my own state of Utah, companies like Domo and Omniture (now …

Big data and IoT ‘will bring £322bn to UK economy by 2020’
Big data analytics and the internet of things (IoT) are set to contribute around £322 billion to the economy over five years, according to economics think …

Big Data, Little Data. What Do You Really Need?
The Big Bang Data exhibition highlights the data explosion that’s led to Big Data mania. You probably don’t need Big Data. But in some cases, it’s useful.

How Big Data Is Changing the Way We Watch TV
As more consumers grow increasingly frustrated with rising cable costs and channel packages that don’t quite fit their preferences, online streaming …

Google’s Hadoop Offerings, Rutgers Analytics Program: Big Data Roundup
Google’s managed Hadoop- and Spark-as-a-Service offerings have gone to general availability. Rutgers University is offering a big data and …

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