Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


These 3 infographics tell you everything you need to know about
Everyone knows Google is a search engine but how much do we really know about the tech giant considered to be the third most valuable brand this …

How Generation #Hashtag Is Changing How We Consume Content
Media consumers who prefer native digital content now make up nearly half the audience for entertainment in developed markets and more than a third of the audience for publishing and online services.

Autumn Statement 2015: George Osborne’s spending review explained in five infographics
Autumn Statement 2015: George Osborne’s spending review explained in five infographics. We know the headlines, now let’s look at the trends …

How Mobile Users Discover, Engage and Abandon Apps
Given their ability to do more with limited relatively limited computing power, apps remain a big part of the mobile space. While there is some …

Where are the UK’s tech hotspots?
So just how healthy is the UK’s tech industry? Digital hotspots springing up. This infographic from Amsource Technology looks at some key …


Chinese investors plough £265m into Manchester City owner
The club’s parent company City Football Group (CFG) has sold off a 13% stake to a consortium led by CMC.

Yahoo board ‘weighing sale of core business and Marissa Mayer’s Future
The Yahoo board will weigh a sale of its core internet business when it meets this week, according to sources.

How To Reboot Europe’s Economy Through Crowdfunding
Initiated in 2014, the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) … and social media, as well as mobilize investing communities during ..

Are IROs unfollowing social media?
Few IR teams truly embraced social media as an investor communication tool, and now some early adopters are having second thoughts.

This Week in Social-Media News
Social-media companies have quickly become one of the hottest sectors to … along with a quick synopsis of what the news means for investors.


This Isn’t ‘Big Data.’ It’s Just Bad Data.
With response rates that have declined to under 10 percent, public opinion polls are increasingly unreliable. Perhaps even more concerning, though, …

20 Big Data Companies Leading the Way
These Big Data companies are pushing the nascent analytics market toward greater adoption, with a wildly diverse array of tools and solutions.

Big Data: Now A Top Management Issue
A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit has just been released that shows how big data is moving from its infancy to “data adolescence,” in …

Can big data help us predict where crime will strike?
That might sound like science fiction, but the police wanted to test if by analysing large amounts of crime data, also known as ‘big data’, they could spot …

Big Data & The Law Of Diminishing Returns
Right now, big data looks like it holds all the answers for any questions a person or company might have. However, in reality, big data eventually has …

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