Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


See The Ancient Roots of Modern Infographics In “Book of Trees”
The first great Age of Infographics took root 1,000 years ago inspired variously by quests to categorize scientific knowledge, organize Greco-Roman …

25 Tools To Boost Your Content Strategy [Infographic]
Visual.ly – Provides different templates for drafting infographics. Prezi – Software that allows you to build presentations; provides you the chance to …


What User Engagement Tells Us About the Big 3 Social Media Companies?
Investors may wonder, why is user engagement information important? Well, ultimately … Want Motley Fool’s inside take on social-media investments

Venture capitalist Andreessen unleashes tweetstorm
… personal branding efforts on Twitter before — no social media platform has … Andreessen, the Silicon Valley venture capital investor, is one of the …

Social Marketing Company WayIn Looking for Fresh Cash
WayIn has been meeting with potential investors and showing off its new strategy that helps brands mold social media for their purposes. WayIn was ..

Turkey’s War On Social Media Could Scare Off ForeignInvestment
Yet there is a pervasive fear about the government’s mentality that social media and technology are the “enemy.” On Thursday, Turkey’s foreign …

Why Facebook’s rivals are in trouble
However, investors in other social network giants like LinkedIn and Twitter are putting frowny-faced emoticons on their status updates for much of the …


Big data: the view from the sharp end
Big data: snake oil or gold mine? That’s one of the questions that Computing put to its audience in a series of polls sponsored by Intel, at the recent Big

Talking Big Data And Analytics With IBM
To sort through all of this and discuss the opportunity to be had with what is increasingly called Big Data, I recently spoke with Bob Picciano, senior …

Big Data In The Home
A vast network of devices, each sharing and/or analyzing streams of unstructured data in real time, seems very much like a big data story. And, in fact …

Big data: hype or transformation?
IDC predicts that the market for big data technology and services will hit $32.4 billion in 2017, nearly doubling the predicted size for 2015 and an …

Big Data Summit 2014: eBay, TfL and others use social analytics to improve customer service
Lauren Sager Weinstein, TfL’s customer experience head of analytics, told delegates at Computing’s Big Data Summit that TfL’s customer research …

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