Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


The Wobbling Earth
Our planet rotates around an axis that goes through the North and South Poles. The spin, however, is not perfectly stable. Using information …

Just Why Mobilization Is So Important For Banks
A global race is on to “mobilize” banking. Banks around the world have been working furiously to improve their mobile applications and optimize their websites for customers’ smartphones and tablets.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek: which is technologically superior?
Well, a new infographic compiled by Best Online Engineering Degree has pulled together all the technologies, weapons, starships, weapons of …

Why Startups Fail and What Experts Have to Say About It
These reasons fall under nine umbrella categories, including business ideas, leadership and planning, according to an an infographic from …


Should Starbucks Investors Be Worried About the Company’s New Rewards Program?
Starbucks’ new rewards program received an unfavorable reception, while Dunkin’ Donuts has been lauded for its new promotional push.

Facebook triples profits: social media can be addictive to investors, too
Facebook’s latest financial earnings smashed expectations, propelling shares in the social network to a fresh all-time high on Thursday (April 28).

How To Raise Money For Your Startup Through Social Media
If you need to raise money for your startup, social media is the answer. … If you are marketing to potential investors, you need to find out where they …

Opinion: Twitter needs to show investors it’s at a tipping point
But I’ve been on target about embattled social-media company Twitter Inc. TWTR, -1.60 … Investors are encouraged by this fact, and for good reason.

How is Social Media ETF (SOCL) Shaping Up in Q1 Earnings?
Investors should note that there are plenty of areas that the broader tech sector branches into. Among those, social media is a promising corner, …


FICO Predictive Suite Updated, Real-Time Rises: Big Data Roundup
A couple of open source big data projects took the spotlight this week, Samsung told developers about its IoT innovations, the ODPi organization …

Strengthening authentication through big data
The answer might be found in big data and analytics, two trends that have proven their worth in many industries. The idea is to unobtrusively gather …

How big data is improving mental healthcare
From helping humans live longer and hacking our performance, to repairing the body and understanding the brain, WIRED Health will hear from the …

Big Data: Will We Soon No Longer Need Data Scientists?
The job of data scientist — the quintessential big data job, and the job that was just voted the best job in America for 2016 — is at risk. Data scientists …

Where and How Will You Store All That Big Data?
According to the Big Data Study in 2014 by IDGE, 31% of enterprises currently manage more than a petabyte of data, and, on average, they expect …

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