Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Twitter / Visually: The Science of Infographics: …
The Science of Infographics: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals http://ow.ly/x9rmp pic.twitter.com/Z6a734rzaY. Reply; Retweet …


Why CEOs Don’t Use Social Media
Everywhere you look there are surveys and articles that say social media is the … and page views don’t automatically translate to return on investment.


Beware ‘Big Data’ Hype, Reports Warn
Roughly one-third of the respondents said the term big data was “very … Only 9% said they plan to implement big-data technologies within their …

Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Healthcare IT: The Trifecta
Equally exciting to the healthcare industry is the possibility of big data being used to improve patient care outcomes. Regulatory agencies are …

Two Roads to Instant Big Data
Big data is now entering such an acceleration phase. Two companies, Qubole and WhereScape, illustrate how creating, working with, and managing …

Why lifting the lid on data might save its reputation
“Big data” is another culprit guilty of misrepresentation. Bigger isn’t always better. Nor is it representative of how data is used, or how it benefits …

Big Data for Hollywood
Hollywood studios are slowly waking up to the tremendous opportunity for direct fan engagement and marketing gold mine that is consumer “big data.

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