Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


3 of Facebook Inc.’s Biggest Risks for Investors
Ground-floor shareholders may have endured a roughly year-long rough patch following the company’s 2012 IPO, but the social network’s valuation …

Hedge Fund Social Media Usage to Grow as Funds Become More Transparent, Mainstream
“Intense competition for investors, traditional asset management firms … In 2015, Peppercomm forecasts that social media use by hedge funds will …

Where do angel investors make the best returns?
The rise of women-only angel networks has helped the gender gap to narrow … One in four angels have invested in ventures that have a social …


The Big Data Mistake In The Internet Of Things
The next strategic inflexion point for software application development today is the Internet of Things (IoT); at least that’s what people say.

Partners of Alan Turing big data research institute announced
Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, Warwick and University College London will lead the newly established Alan Turing Institute for …

Goldman Sachs Invests $56m in Asian Big Data Market
The investment of $56 million signals Goldman Sachs intention to grow in the Asian data analytics market. The funding will help support the acquisition of smaller rivals and further global expansion

Harvard’s Odyssey unlocks big data
Nowhere has this trend been more apparent than at Harvard. Faculty and researchers are using big data to answer society’s most challenging ..

Big Data Means Tennis Australia Knows If A 12-Year-Old Kid Can Make It As A Pro
Wood, who is now the chairman of tech company Aruba Networks’ customer advisory board, said big data is providing a competitive advantage …

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