Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


An Infographics Genius Plots Out Another Insanely Detailed Year of His Life
Data visualization Nicholas Felton is back with another amazing annual report of his personal data. Nicholas Felton. Data visualization Nicholas …

The 12 Most Important Social Media Infographics of 2014
Below are 12 of the most important social media infographics I’ve come across so …


Case study: how to truly integrate social with events
How can you integrate social media with live events for a business … to facilitate lively discussions on social media with our audience of investors.

Snapchat Founders Likely Billionaires With New, Reported Investment
Snapchat chose the road of independence and venture capital over dancing with Internet giants like Facebook and Alibaba, and in the process its …


Using Big Data For Social Good
Every day, thousands of Americans apply for new credit cards, loans, and mortgages. In the decision-making process, banks use one number to …

How Do You Brand Big Data?
Branding data is tough—and not just because many eyes glaze over when you start to talk about it. But in today’s media marketplace, it wouldn’t be …

PwC expert says big data could herald new ‘golden age’
Big data could bring “a second Age of Enlightenment”, according to PwC partner Matthew Tod, an expert in digital analytics. “We’ll understand what is …

From Big Data to Actionable Data: Has Our Biology Failed Us, or Have We Failed to Use It?
From Big Data to Actionable Data: Has Our Biology Failed Us, or Have We …. this information — making it actionable data rather than just “big data.”.

The lake and the stream: analogies to assist your big data strategy
‘Data lakes’ and ‘data streams’ are becoming increasingly common analogies in the discussion on big data strategies. As in nature, both lakes and …

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