Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


A Comprehensive 1943 Infographic of American Booms and Busts
In 1943, as American businesses tried to guess whether wartime relief from the Depression would translate into postwar prosperity, the Tension Envelope Corporation printed this chart for customers.

8 Ways Marketers Are Being Heard In 2015
By making use of videos and infographics, marketers can visually convey their … By investing in streamline internal communication systems, …


Despair to dark humor: Investors react to China stock market plunge
Chinese investors again experienced a roller coaster ride on Tuesday. After the Shanghai Composite tanked by more than 8% yesterday, earning it the nickname ‘Black Monday’, the index dropped sharply again for a second straight day, falling by over 7%. That puts the index a whopping 42% from its peak in June.

Global Markets Bounce Back: What Are Investors Saying?
As investors started seeing green, opinions started pouring onto social media. We always keep a close eye on StockTwits and Twitter, and we’ve …

Tumbling Twitter Reminds Investors Not To Have IPO Envy
… and the social media company’s slide offers a signal that investors should exercise caution when the next wave of Silicon Valley darlings like Uber, …

From Tesco’s sugary drinks to Alton Towers’ roller coaster incident: How Twitter can make you a better investor
But now people are starting to see how social media could help influence trading decisions, keeping investors one step ahead of the markets and …

Want to Lessen Volatility of Financial Markets? Express Your Thoughts Online!
Social media continuously updates our collective knowledge of financial markets. Investors posting their thoughts online and experiences with a …


Big Data: Too Many Answers, Not Enough Questions
One of my favorite examples of why so many big data projects fail comes from a book that was written decades before “big data” was even conceived.

Big Brother is watching: Why the workplace of 2016 could echo Orwell’s 1984
Earlier this year, Hitachi unveiled a new badge – slogan: “ Human Big Data” – which aims to measure your happiness. How? A mysterious algorithm ..

How brands can master big data by learning the power of one
Marketing technology tools don’t treat people like people, says Alicianne Rand, VP marketing at NewsCred, they treat them like data points.

Big Data Builds a Better ‘Help Wanted’ Ad
It’s coming from big data. Using an enormous and continually updated database of job postings and results, Textio, a Seattle-based startup, applies …

Amazon and The New ‘Big Data’ Proletariat
Last week, the New York Times ran a long, viral, and controversial story about the working conditions at online retail giant Amazon.com. Amazon is …

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