Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


5 Essential Searches To Find Content Formats That Work
Infographics remain highly shareable in many areas. To find the most shared infographics for any topic or domain simply use the BuzzSumo filter for …

13 reasons why your brain craves infographics
You arrived at this article because you either love infographics and one more couldn’t hurt, or you’re dying to know why everyone loves them so much.

How to Get Featured in Mashable
Infographics are content marketing dynamite – they drive traffic, are super sharable, and are probably the easiest way to get featured on Mashable.

Our Amazing Planet: The World in Infographics by Jon Richards and Ed Simkins
I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its infographics about things ranging from space to the human body. I liked its colourful pictures presented in many …

9 Infographics To Help You Understand The Woolly World Of Science
Many of the best science infographics from the past 40 years are compiled in Understanding the World: An Atlas of Infographics, a dazzling new tome …


Three things Yellen could say to surprise investors
Who can forget last summer’s Fed’s report on monetary policy which questioned the high stock prices for social media and biotech firms. Yellen has …

Ad-free social network Ello hires a CMO
The fledgling, invitation-only social network Ello has hired Rene Alegria, a former … Along with the swarm of media attention came the claim that Ello was a … a benefit for society as a whole — not just to make money for its investors”.

Social Media darling Snapchat to be Valued up to US$ $19 Billion in Funding Round
The high valuation also shows that Social Media platforms like Snapchat … Snapchat raised US$485.6 million from 23 investors last year, including …

Getting mums on social media: investors creating jobs for excluded workers
Why not match the two needs, thought Tyler and Cochrane: train the mums as social media managers and connect them with companies in need of …

How To Invest Better By Using Social Media
If you’re not using Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media when you invest, you’re making a … Next Avenue: Why should investors use social media?


Recruiting Better Talent With Brain Games And Big Data
But with big data and the technology to conduct more nuanced tests, some firms say they can provide more useful detail about people’s innate abilities …

Can Big Data Save the World?
It’s no secret that big data is a critical driver of success in business today. But what exactly is big data? According to Wikipedia, it is “a broad term for …

Big Data: Why Facebook Knows Us Better Than Our Therapist
I saw the movie Her not too long ago and it left an impression. The whole idea of Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with his computer’s operating system, …

Oscars 2015: Big Data number crunchers try their hand at calling the awards
But in recent years, Big Data has attempted to turn art into science. This year such efforts are more prolific than ever — and more relevant, with the …

Fear can’t dictate big data law
The White House recently unveiled the framework of the president’s first big data privacy plan, part of a series that seeks to shield individual liberty.

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