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Wine Infographics Worth A Thousand Words
There’s an infographic circulating on social media that describes the state of the wine industry at a glance. It’s primarily a bar graph, and if you’re a wine producing country, you do not want to be on the short end of it.

“Steampunk” Infographics Beautifully Combine Past and Present
When industrial designers connect iPhones to Victrola horns and turn manual typewriters into bluetooth keyboards, we call it “steampunk,” a genre that combines modern technology with a sputtery, hissy analog past.

Pro Tips to Track Results From Infographics
Creating an infographic is no simple task. A lot of time and resources go into the data research and design of a good infographic, but not always into figuring what happened after publishing it on the Internet.


Investors back fashion shopping app Mallzee
Fashion shopping app developer Mallzee is set to expand after securing £2.5m from investors. The money was raised in a funding round led by the Royal Mail Group and backed by investors, including the Scottish Investment Bank, Par Equity and technology entrepreneurs.

European High-Net-Worth Investors Want Digital Services from Their Private Banks
High-net-worth investors are avid users of digital technology for managing their finances and, despite often being older than the average investor, are just as likely as younger investors to demand digital wealth-management services, according to a new survey of high-income, digitally savvy European investors by Accenture.

How my business raised £3.5m through crowdfunding
Sugru recently raised £3.5m on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, smashing our original £1m target in four days. We broke two equity crowdfunding records – the largest single investment of £1m and the widest reach with shareholders in 68 countries.

Netflix Beats on Earnings, NFLX Soars: Investors React – Stocks in the News
Investors on social media were buzzing about NFLX today, and we’ve compiled our favorite comments to highlight the public’s current opinions on this.

investFeed Social Network Exposes Stock Investors on Twitter
investFeed Social Network Exposes Stock Investors on Twitter. Imagine a platform where every stock pick is tracked so actual stock picking prowess can be measured and ranked against other users.


The Importance Of Design Thinking For Big Data Startups
Most big data startups are simply interpreting and presenting data to end users. However, the ability to do that effectively is something that many ..

Big Data Will Select Your Next Strategic Partner
Enter the world of Big Data. To find out how big data is changing this age-old business practice, I sat down with Doron Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of …

The Next Big Thing In Big Data: BDaaS | Bernard Marr | LinkedIn
In the last few years many businesses have sprung up offering cloud based Big Data services to help other companies and organizations solve their …

Microsoft Corporation and IBM: The Big Data Wars Are On
Collectively, all that information is referred to as “big data,” and along with a world of opportunity, it also poses challenges. Constructing the centers to …

Uber: When Big Data Threatens Local Democracy
Big data is threatening to crush local democracy across the country–and if it succeeds, it may distort local transit and infrastructure development for …

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