Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


This Infographic Shows the Sleep Patterns of 21 Highly Successful People
According to the below infographic by HomeArena, however, the amount of sleep successful entrepreneurs actually get varies widely, with …

5 Infographics and Slideshares That Expose the Real Strengths and Limitations of Big Data
For a deep dive on big data, we collected useful infographics and slideshares below that clarify what big data can—and cannot—do for companies …

What Can Automakers Tell From Facebook Likes?
What do the demographics behind users who like their Facebook pages say about 23 top automakers? Auto Insurance Center has the answers.

Why Millennials Are Losing Interest in Banks
Millennials have a reputation for favoring borrowing over buying—they’d rather rent homes and lease cars than take on mortgages or car loans.

The Countries With The Most Millionaires
The United States has the world’s biggest millionaire club by a huge distance. No other country comes even close to matching it. According to …


Steve Ballmer Buys 4% of Twitter Inc.: Is It Time to Sell?
Some investors saw the tech veteran’s investment as a huge vote of confidence for the struggling social network, but others weren’t so sure. After all …

Fact: The Younger The Investors, The More They Care About Values
It is #GoodMoneyWeek on a certain social media platform. A recent U.K. poll for Standard Life Investments by the polling organization YouGov, reveals …

Investing Basics: What Is The Efficient Market Hypothesis, and What Are Its Shortcomings?
However, with the growing number of information channels, including social media and the internet, even the most involved investors are unable to …

Warren Buffett Says Most Activist Investors Offer ‘Promise of Performance’
In a conversation with friend Carol Loomis at the Fortune Most Powerful Women event Tuesday, Warren Buffett, spoke out about the increase in investing activism in recent years, saying he had “zero interest” in participating.


Nate Silver: ‘Big Data has Peaked, and that’s a Good Thing’
Well-known stats geek Nate Silver surely surprised some in the audience at the Rich Data Summit when he reeled off a litany of big data misconceptions and missteps during his keynote last week.

Big data for the rest of us: One UK insurance company’s success story
Big data isn’t just for the sexy Silicon Valley startups anymore. Markerstudy is using tools like Hadoop and Spark to speed up analysis and glean new …

Big data, big opportunities, big issues
Big data has long been big business, and recent developments show how it can help to save costs as well as target customers. But as recent …

Businesses Adopting Big Data, Cloud & Mobility Grow 53% Faster Than Peers
These and many other insights are from Dell’s second annual Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI 2015) released last week in collaboration with …

Online security: don’t take risks with your big data
Big data has been a big buzzword for the last five years as banks, marketers and insurers have harnessed the opportunity to use data to provide a …

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