Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Content Marketing Is NOT About Content
KISSmetrics created a total of 47 infographics. An infographic on average costs $600, which means they spent $28,200 on infographics in the last two …

4 Ways Interactive Data Visualization Enhances Digital Marketing
These infographics offer more than a simple combination of words and visuals. They’re specific chunks of content on your website that ask for a little bit …

Infographics Will Help Turn You Into a DIY Chef
Who doesn’t love a good infographic? The combination of geeky data and easier to follow visuals has revolutionized visual media given us a whole new way to look at everything from the intricate, mind-blowing jokes in Arrested Development to the sleeping schedules of some of history’s greatest minds.

Nine Infographics That Will Help You Teach Hunger
Between the statistics and vocabulary often used to describe it, teachers know the scale of global hunger can be a challenge to help students understand.


Facebook Inc Has Big Plans to Take Over the Internet of Things
This move could help the social network tap into the booming Internet of … network in the world and a new area of growth that Facebook investors …

The 10 overseas shares most popular with British investors
Investors of all sizes, from individuals overseeing their Isas to huge institutional pension funds, are increasingly global in … Technology / social media …

A New Social Network for Creative People and Entrepreneurs to Connect with Investors and Entrepreneurs
TeamZoom is an emerging effort for all entrepreneurs and creative artists to use as a social media platform to connect with investors and business …


Making Big Data Fast
It’s the velocity component of the Big Data triad. While large corporations have been focused on the variety and volume of data they manage, Fast Data …

Big Data Hyped, but Not Deployed by Businesses
The survey indicated even with the significant amount of discussion of alternative big data platforms, data warehousing investment continues to grow.

How Hotels.com got started in big data – by focusing on the customer
For a long time, each department at Hotels.com viewed the customer in a different way. The online team, for example, thought of the customer as just …

Hi-tech and Big Data offer hope to battered US oil industry
L – news) as a key client, is heavily marketing well “rejuvenations,” using proprietary software and crunching Big Data from thousands of wells to find …

How eBay takes a tiered approach to big data – pulling in thousands of users
Global online auction and e-commerce company eBay takes a tiered approach to big data in order to give thousands of staff access to business …

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