Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Infographics demonstrate circular economy benefits
The EU’s circular economy package can deliver more jobs and a better deal for customers, but only if it improves design standards and promotes demand for reused products and recycled materials, says think tank Green Alliance.

Social Media Marketing Soars with a Strong Visual Content Strategy
Infographics also seem particularly successful at breaking down complex subject matter and delivering it to consumers in an accessible way.

23 Reasons to Use Video Marketing In 2015 [Infographics]
An infographic from HighQ shares some essential video marketing facts that every brand owner should know… whether you’re thinking about …

Infographic: How Mobile Use Varies Across Generations
Texting has overtaken calling as the most popular mobile function across all generations.


Want to Lessen Volatility of Financial Markets? Express Your Thoughts Online!
Social media continuously updates our collective knowledge of financial markets. Investors posting their thoughts online and experiences with a …

5 Smart Stocks for the Beginning Investor
However, the stocks that actually make the best investments for beginners may … Todd Campbell: One of the best things a new investor can do is avoid …. decided to fully monetize the popular photo-sharing social-media property.

Are millennial investors more risk-averse?
Are millennials risk-averse? Well, yes and no.
“Yes, absolutely,” said Marguerita Cheng, certified financial planner and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth. “I don’t like to generalize, but I have witnessed this firsthand.

Andreessen hollow wits: The trouble with investors on Twitter
If you criticize them, you must be jealous. That’s the common attack levelled at people – like me – who find the veneration of Silicon Valley investors and the ‘disruptive’ tech companies they champion less worthy of hero status than some.

Bloomberg View: Tencent social media breathes life back into Chinese stocks
A Chinese social media company is trying to succeed, where government policy has so far failed, at reviving the country’s stock market.


5 Ways to Buy Big Data Stocks
Investors looking to get in on the ground floor of stocks that have the sizzle of fledgling dot-coms may find that big data companies offer attractive …

Making Sense of Our Big Data World: Statistics for the 99%
Our world of Big Data is defined by the quantification of everything. In order to make sense of all the data around us, we need to understand …

Why big data should not be considered inconsistent with privacy
The advent of big data is definitely placing existing securities and familiar structures under pressure. Opponents of big data refer to the dangers of an …

The agony, ecstasy, and miserable efficiency of big data at Amazon
Particularly germane to a business-technology audience will be the paper’s attack on Amazon’s use of so-called big data to make its employees …

Can We Really Use Big Data To Measure Buyer Intent?
Big data and analytics have become the Holy Grail of marketing speak. Being more data driven has definitely become hip, but it’s not hype. Brands …

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